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Caught On Camera

A dangerous storm spawns tornadoes across the southern US on Easter Sunday.

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Series 4
Tornadoes ravage towns; a snow mobile rider gets lost; a record-breaking typhoon.
Hikers in the Himalayans; cyclone makes landfall in Australia, wrecking the coastline.
A violent volcano eruption in the Philippines covers nearby towns with ash.
Bushfires in California destroy communities as a kindly passer-by saves stranded drivers.
A kayaker and friend head toward the potentially lethal 60-foot drop of the waterfall.
A 6.4-magnitude earthquake traps a family in the Philippines in their own pool.
Series 3
Good Samaritans rescue residents trapped in Hurricane Harvey's deadly flood waters.
Devastating floods trap residents in Australia and a destructive hail storm batters Texas.
Wildfires ravage California, and a tornado tears apart a community.
Tornadoes tear across Texas, rip tides trap swimmers and waves engulf a restaurant.
A hurricane hits the US, cavers are caught in a flood, and a hot air balloon crashes.
Flooding in Maryland, a couple stranded in a blizzard, and boats hit by wild weather.
A deadly volcano eruption unleashes hell and a tornado terrorises drivers on a highway.
A tornado traps pupils and teachers in a school, and a man descends into a deadly volcano.
Wildfires in California, a tornado in Arkansas and a canoeist stranded in flash floods.
Hurricane Michael hits Florida, and a group of fishermen capsize in rough seas.
Horrific wildfires devastate the seaside village of Mati in Greece.
Epic flooding in North Carolina, and a magnitude seven earthquake rocks Anchorage, Alaska.
A cyclone wrecks South Pacific islands, and a cruise ship becomes stranded in a storm.