Caught Red Handed

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Caught Red Handed

A cold and calculating criminal mastermind poses as a bank manager to steal large sums from his victims.

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Series 11
Police battle to catch stone thieves desecrating centuries-old church pathways, and a ram-raiding gang commit so many crimes they are raised in Parliament.
A gang of conmen cruelly dupe victims by pretending to be from the water board, and a heavy metal record shop owner is rocked when an intruder busts up his business.
A scarcely credible case where a paramedic is filmed attempting to steal from a dying patient, and sinister criminals who purposefully cause frightening road collisions to claim insurance.
A family find they can track a gang of car thieves via a signal from their daughter’s stolen earphones, and a female robber with a knife underestimates a much older woman behind the counter.
A cold-hearted crew of rogue roofers get caught out filming themselves mocking their elderly victims. And an armed robber regrets picking a bicycle as a getaway vehicle.
A car thief doesn’t realise the car’s dashcam is recording everywhere he goes. And an undercover officer recognises an adversary from years ago who is up to his old tricks.
A burglar soon regrets breaking into the house of a judo expert. A florist is shocked to see, live on camera, that there’s a night-time intruder in her shop.
Two muggers use a moped to rob victims on an unprecedented scale. A covert RSPCA operation helps to uncover a farm where dogs are kept illegally and cruelly treated.
A sinister thief stalks the corridors of a care home. A shop cleaner becomes an unlikely hero by tackling an armed robber. And a rogues' gallery of crooks are caught out by doorbell cameras.