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CBeebies Bedtime Stories

A story read by a special guest. Fearless Blue Penguin goes on an adventure with his kite to a tropical paradise in tonight's bedtime story.

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May 2024
Motsi Mabuse tells a charming tale about life’s little just-in-cases.
Ding ding! Chris Hoy has cycled to the CBeebies House with a bedtime tale. Join him for a story about a wibbly wobbly bike ride with a giraffe and his animal friends.
Guz Khan reads a story about a little boy's admiration for his dad's beard.
Joanna Page tells the tale of a little blue monster who realises how important his family is.
Zayn Malik celebrates the joy of music in this bedtime story.
Paralympic cyclist Lora Fachie reads a story about a boy whose friends think he can read in a secret code only to discover it is, in fact, braille.
Adventure into the wild with Mr Motivator in this bedtime story.
Join Cat Deeley to celebrate the one thing that makes every family a family... and that’s love!
Greg James discovers what happens when a couch accidentally whooshes off the Lago family’s car and into a llama’s field.
Sinead Keenan visits the rock pool, where Crab and friends find a new shell to call home.
Rhys Stephenson tells the story of a dance class with a very special teacher.
TV presenter Annie Price reads a fun story with an inspiring message about how being different can bring us together.
Floella Benjamin reads a very special bedtime story about friendship.
Rayane and his hearing dog Diesel read a story about a dog with superpowers to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week.
A different story read each night just before bedtime.
A story read by a guest. Cuddle up with Chris Evans for tonight's bedtime story as we say goodnight to every single thing in the world around us.
Mary loves fashion and sets out to give a bit of glitz and glam to her classmates. Read by Katie Piper, this brilliant Bedtime Story is a modern twist on the classic nursery rhyme.
Rege introduces us to the king of the classroom in tonight's encouraging tale about a little boy starting school.
Ellie Goulding shares the story of a rather wonderful pig who is also a bit of a worrier.