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Six months on, and Vita realises she doesn’t want it all if it means leaving her brother behind. Meanwhile, Bosco’s healing journey changes everything.

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Series 1
As Vita’s career goes from strength to strength and Bosco’s life seems to fall apart, will Vita finally be able to step away from her dysfunctional family and into her future?
Aria and Vita are forced together for a funeral. But a family rapprochement is ruined when long-buried secrets come to the surface.
In the tug of war between her career and her family, Vita finds herself dragged back towards family loyalties as Bosco’s wild behaviour can no longer be ignored.
Bosco’s mental health strains and breaks under the pressure of touring. Meanwhile, Vita makes a decision she may later come to regret.
As Vita’s star starts to rise and Bosco’s appears to fall, the siblings must decide what kind of people and artists they want to be – with potentially devastating consequences.
Vita’s attempts to record her first single leave her at loggerheads with both her emotionally fraught brother and her jealous best friend.
As famous British rapper Bosco Champion attempts a comeback, his dutiful sister Vita discovers that her own talent could take her to the top. It’s Champion vs Champion now.