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Koko gets a hydraulic power booster upgrade to make her super strong. Her newfound strength brings disastrous consequences for Chuggington.

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Series 6
Piper loves to play! But when the Trainees are given a job to do, playtime is cut short. Can Wilson, Koko and Brewster get Piper to put a pause on playtime?
Koko let her excitement get the best of her and stayed up all night! Can Brewster and Wilson honk Koko awake in time for her to take the Mayor to a special ceremony at the docks?
Will Wilson roll with his long-trusted wagon until the wheels fall off, or can his chuggtastic friends convince him to retire 'wag-a-lagon' before it's too late?
Koko’s confidence is shaken after she gets in an accident. Scared and second-guessing herself, will she be able to regain her speed in time to help save Wilson and Brewster from trouble?
Wilson and Brewster switch places for the day to prove who has the tougher job.
Brewster gets himself in a jam when he accidentally takes credit for Rosa's work.
Brewster tries to get busy Action Chugger to play hide-and-seek. In his zest to prove he is best friends with Action Chugger, Brewster puts his relationships with Koko and Wilson on the line.
Zephie and Piper try to prove they are ready for the big jobs in Chuggington by attempting to break some town records.
When a snow storm comes to Chuggington, Wilson and Brewster get caught out in the cold and must work together to make their way home.
When a new chugger Rosa comes to Chuggington, the trainees try to help her find a job that she will love in her new city.
Wilson, Koko and Brewster discover a hidden talent for music and form a band. Suddenly Koko’s horn goes wonky! Will the trainees find a replacement in time for them to rock out on the radio?
Cormac must visit the Repair Shed, and Tai is put in charge of the Drop and Load Yard. Perfectionist Cormac must learn that his way is not the only way to get the job done.
Zephie attaches to a turbo car in an attempt to be faster than Koko. She is hoping to get her best friend Lori's attention. Only problem with speed is not knowing how to slow down!
When Koko ignores Jackman's warning not to open a top secret crate, a high-tech super robot wreaks havoc around Chuggington.
During a game of Chuggball, the trainees discover Rosa has a talent for reaching high, and they put her crane to practice doing odd jobs around Chuggington.
The trainees are on another mission! They try to rescue the last pumpkin in town for Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream, which is Frostini's newest fall flavor.
When Mtambo takes Koko, Piper and Hodge on a night tour through Safari Park, Koko discovers a new world of Chuggington that glows in the dark.
Detective Brewster works to help Wilson find Koko’s award ribbon that Wilson secretly borrowed and then lost! Will they be able to find Koko’s award before she finds out Wilson lost it?
The trainees find a gold nugget and dream of ways to spend their riches.