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New to Chuggington, Tai must navigate her way around town to make an important delivery on time! With help from her new friends and a little colored paint, she just might get the job done!

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Series 6
Zephie, Wilson and Brewster compete to be Koko's partner in a relay race.
When Wilson finds out he's the first of his kind, his friends deem him Chuggington Royalty - a title that quickly goes to his engine! Can his friends bring him back down to the rails?
Chug Patrol is always in control, but when a thunder storm comes to Chuggington, Wilson can't control his fear! Wilson must face his fears and weather the storm to help a friend in need.
Rattling Rivets! The Spooky Chugger has returned! With unexplained happenings around Chuggington, the trainees are convinced the tracks are haunted.
Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's Space Chuggers! Adventure ensues when the trainees prepare for a visit with Chuggers from outer space.
Wilson, Koko and Brewster discover a hidden talent for music and form a band. Suddenly Koko’s horn goes wonky! Will the trainees find a replacement in time for them to rock out on the radio?
Wilson has his hands full when an adorable monkey he is babysitting goes bananas.
Wilson looks shiny and new after his trip to the Chug Wash and the other trainees are impressed - but everyone knows he's a magnet for a mess!
The Trainees are on a mission to play top-secret spy games in Chuggington but their sleuthing missions turn into wild shenanigans!
With guidance from the ever-wise Hanzo, an easily flustered Tai must learn how to remain focused, calm and balanced while on the job.
Tai and the trainees learn that with a little imagination any ordinary job can be extraordinary.
Chuggington is left in the dark when the lighthouse at the docks mysteriously stops working! And when there's a mystery afoot, Detective Brewster is on the case!
With Hodge’s radiator broken and no way to order another one, Brewster turns out to be the only one that can help by making a brave decision.
Wilson struggles at being a good chief when he puts together his own Junior Chug Patrol Crew with Zephie, Piper and Hoot & Toot.
Wilson goes for the gold to find out what he’s best at as all of Chuggington is celebrating and competing in the Chuggtastic Games!
Koko gets a hydraulic power booster upgrade to make her super strong. Her newfound strength brings disastrous consequences for Chuggington.
Piper loves to play! But when the Trainees are given a job to do, playtime is cut short. Can Wilson, Koko and Brewster get Piper to put a pause on playtime?
Koko let her excitement get the best of her and stayed up all night! Can Brewster and Wilson honk Koko awake in time for her to take the Mayor to a special ceremony at the docks?