Clangers catch up

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 47 - All Change Day

3.0 1 x
Stop-motion animation. Major Clanger is making too much noise in his workshop and Mother is fed up with it. She suggests they should swap jobs.

Series 1, Episode 46 - The Golden Planet

3.0 3 x
Stop-motion animation. Major invents a new two-seater rocket for special trips. When he and Small look through the telescope, they see a golden planet.

Series 1, Episode 45 - Calm in the Caves

3.0 1 x
Stop-motion animation. Tiny and Small discover the froglets sitting abnormally silent and calm in their cave, in front of three glowing stones.

Series 1, Episode 44 - Busy Buzzers

3.0 2 x
Stop-motion animation. Small and Major Clanger discover a bowl of glow honey. They take it inside to eat but find some very agitated glowbuzzers.

Series 1, Episode 43 - Rainbow Star

3.0 0 x
Stop-motion animation. Small catches seven coloured stones floating in space. The Iron Chicken has also found a strange metal disc in space. Are they connected?

Series 1, Episode 42 - Hide-and-Seek

3.0 2 x
Stop-motion animation. Small, Tiny and Baby Soup Dragon have a race around the planet, but Baby Soup Dragon cheats so he can win.

Series 1, Episode 41 - The Little Bag

3.0 1 x
Stop-motion animation. Small gives Tiny a bag to keep her panpipes in, but when Tiny goes to take her pipes out of the bag, something strange has happened to them.

Series 1, Episode 40 - The Puzzle

3.0 2 x
Stop-motion animation. Major, Mother, Tiny and Small find a fascinating new planet, but when they start to explore it they get lost inside!

Series 1, Episode 39 - The Chicken Waltz

3.0 2 x
Stop-motion animation. When the Iron Chicken finds Tiny's new tune too difficult to dance to, Tiny and Small come up with another rhythm just for her.

Series 1, Episode 38 - Snapper

3.0 0 x
Stop-motion animation. A robot lands on the planet. At first the Clangers are scared of it, but as they begin to accept it, they find it has a lot to show them.