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Stop-motion animation. Small is bored, Tiny, Major and Mother are all too busy. Mother suggests he asks Granny to play with him.

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Series 1
Stop-motion animation. A meteor shower of gemstones falls on the planet. Baby Soup Dragon beats Tiny and Small in a game to win them.
Stop-motion animation. The Clangers help Granny make her knitting space more special. Major makes her a fan and Mother gives her a purple plant from her garden.
Stop-motion animation. Tiny and Small find a strange silver ball. When it bounces it glows and rings. It bounces into Mother's garden.
Stop-motion animation. When Tiny Clanger receives a message from the Iron Chicken that 'it's coming', she is mystified as to what the 'it' might be.
Stop-motion animation. It's a very cold day on the Clangers' planet, and the Sky Moos are frozen outside! Granny comes to the rescue with a plan to keep them warm.
Stop-motion animation. The Clangers gather to watch a solar eclipse, but as the moon moves towards the sun, the Iron Chicken's nest blocks the view.
Stop-motion animation. A little Hoot lands on the Clangers' planet and causes mayhem with his incessant mischievous hooting. The Clangers decide it has to go home.
Stop-motion animation. Small decides that there should be a Dragon Day to thank the Soup Dragon for being so kind as to provide them with soup every day.
Stop-motion animation. Major Clanger has invented a machine for cleaning up the planet. Small and Tiny can't resist trying it for themselves.
Stop-motion animation. Tiny and Small find a box that has fallen from space. It contains two circles of black cloth that are actually holes, one leading to another.
Stop-motion animation. When Baby Soup Dragon helps Tiny and Small, he decides he wants to be a Clanger instead of a Soup Dragon.
Stop-motion animation. The Iron Chicken dumps a huge bundle of junk metal on to the Clangers' planet. Major wants to keep it, but Small has an idea to transform it.
Stop-motion animation. Tiny and her flower friends are playing a lovely tune with the music trees when suddenly they hear a strange voice joining in.
Stop-motion animation. After Small misses seeing two meteors streaking across the sky, Major Clanger determines to cheer him up with a 'meteor machine'.
Stop-motion animation. A Skymoo accidentally knocks the Iron Chicken out of her nest, and in falling to the surface of the Clangers' planet she hurts her wing.
Stop-motion animation. Tiny Clanger suggests that Mother Clanger composes a tune to play with the singing flowers in the garden.
Stop-motion animation. Small Clanger finds a strange ball while out fishing in space. No-one knows what it is, so Major decides to put it on a shelf in his workshop.
Stop-motion animation. Tiny is stuck for ideas for a new tune to make up, so she asks Mother and Major what kind of tune they would most like to hear.
Stop-motion animation. While playing an energetic game in the living cave, Tiny and Small knock over a tankard, and green soup spills out all over Granny's best shawl.