Classic Coronation Street

Series 45

NewSeason 45, Episode 112

4 x
Mike's nephew Danny soon makes an impression on the folk of Weatherfield.

NewSeason 45, Episode 111

2 x
Martin discovers that Katy knew about Todd's affair with Karl weeks ago.

NewSeason 45, Episode 110

3 x
Sarah calls the church to cancel the wedding, and Charlie suggests making amends to Jason.

NewSeason 45, Episode 109

1 x
Todd tries to talk to Sarah as homophobic graffiti is left on the Grimshaws' front door.

NewSeason 45, Episode 108

7 x
Todd's sexuality is the main topic of conversation in the Street.

NewSeason 45, Episode 107

6 x
Todd turns up at Eileen's and pours his heart out, and Fred proposes to Orchid.

NewSeason 45, Episode 106

3 x
Sarah is in turmoil as she tries to come to terms with Todd's revelation.

NewSeason 45, Episode 105

2 x
Season 45, Episode 105 of the TV-show Classic Coronation Street was broadcast by ITV3 on Tuesday 20 February 2024 at 14:35.

Season 45, Episode 104

5 x
Dennis comes up with a solution to Fred's problems.

Season 45, Episode 103

4 x
Candice is forced to accept the awful truth about Tim.

Season 45, Episode 102

3 x
Ashley and Mike worry Fred is heading for another romantic fall.

Season 45, Episode 101

2 x
Fred meets his Thai bride, unaware she and Dennis are out to fleece him.

Season 45, Episode 100

3 x
Dennis gives Fred several pictures of mail-order brides from Thailand.

Season 45, Episode 99

8 x
Sarah suggests to Todd that Karl should be his best man.

Season 45, Episode 98

3 x
Les plies Janice with drink in a bid to woo her back.

Season 45, Episode 97

4 x
Sarah arrives home unexpectedly and finds Todd and Karl together.

Season 45, Episode 96

4 x
Karl decides to end his affair with Todd.

Season 45, Episode 95

5 x
Katy is desperate to find out the truth about Karl and Todd.

Season 45, Episode 94

5 x
Les gets the wrong idea when Janice pays a visit.

Season 45, Episode 93

4 x
Karl lets slip to Katy that he's having an affair with a soon-to-be-married man.