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Clean Sweep

Niall's physiotherapist identifies Shelly as the woman at the hotel, and Fiona informs Jason that Shelly's DNA matches that found on the dead man's belongings.

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Series 1
Jason reminds Shelly to attend the police station for fingerprinting and DNA testing. Glencara houskeeper Eileen gives a description of the woman seen leaving the dead man's room.
Shelly's attempts to bond with Derek are not a success. Meanwhile, following the lead of the sex worker, Jason and Fiona discover victims of a brutal trafficking organisation.
As Shelly attempts to maintain her routine, she is haunted by her past. When Lynch's true identity is discovered, a cold case officer re-opens a case that she thinks involves him.
Jason is delighted to be assigned to the case, with no sense where the trail may lead. Shelly realises she may have left evidence in the dead man’s hotel room.
Housewife and mother-of-three Shelly Mohan, whose husband, Jason, is a detective in the Garda, is forced into a desperate act when a man from her past tracks her down.