Clocking Off

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Clocking Off

Katherine decides that she can no longer live with Mack. As well as losing his wife, Mack now risks losing the factory, as deeds to the building are in Katherine's name.

Series 1
Trudy is sent into personal crisis by her father's death and makes a mistake that leads to Katherine's infidelities becoming public knowledge, life at work won't ever be the same.
Steve and Sylvia's anniversary celebrations are interrupted by a burglar, then they are victimised by the police. Steve and his family decide to take the law into their own hands.
Katherine Mackintosh is trapped in a loveless marriage. She has an affair with young employee KT - but things go too far.
Yvonne burns her house down after her boyfriend kicks her out. Her neighbour rescues her kids and then falls in love with her. But can she rely on a man again?
Thirteen months ago, Stuart Leach set off for his job at Mackintosh textiles and never came back - until now. His brother Martin won't believe that he lost his memory.