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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A bonus episode featuring the cast performing the show's greatest hits in Los Angeles.

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Series 4
Rebecca makes a key choice in this final episode.
When Rebecca goes on three dates with Josh, Nathaniel and Greg, the others decide to gamble on whom Rebecca will pick as her lover.
Rebecca is torn between Josh, Greg and Nathaniel when a surprise call sends her on a hunt for an old adversary in Las Vegas.
Rebecca prepares for her audition at a community theatre musical revue, and Valencia is disappointed when she expects a proposal.
When Rebecca struggles with accepting a need to take anti-depressants, Dr Akopian tries to prove that it's a perfectly natural thing to do.
Rebecca asks a reluctant Greg to come with her to Raging Waters, and Mrs Hernandez makes a vital intervention on Paula's behalf.
A binge-watch of romantic comedy films causes Nathaniel to have a surreal dream that involves himself, Maya, Rebecca and Joanne.
Rebecca tells Darryl that she still wants to know what Greg and Nathaniel wanted to tell her, and Paula hosts a game night for the gang.
When a resentment of the musical Cats causes Rebecca to be haunted by euphemistic songs, she decides to seek solace in spin classes.
Valencia and Greg return to West Covina to attend their high school reunion, but a row threatens to overshadow the bash.
Rebecca attends an awards ceremony in New York where Naomi is being honoured, only to encounter some old enemies when planning the event.
Rebecca and Darryl bond on a trip to a barbecue, and Paula accidentally enlists Josh to help her transport an online purchase from San Bernardino.