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An investigation into a man who spiked other men's drinks and sexually assaulted them.

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Series 19
A race-against-time investigation to hunt for a man targeting lone women and violently assaulting them.
Up in the air with the Welsh Air Ambulance.
How a prison health worker smuggled drugs and contraband into a jail for her inmate lover and his friends.
We follow the work of a West Midlands unit focusing on protecting vulnerable people in care.
How a Scottish body builder was jailed for supplying toxic diet pills.
The inside story on how professional criminals stole tens of thousands of pounds' worth of GPS devices from farm machinery as part of a nationwide crime ring.
The tragic story of a man caught up in a county lines drugs gang he couldn't escape, which ultimately cost him his life.
How former healthcare workers who were unlawfully drugging patients on a hospital stroke ward and then bragging about it to others were jailed.
The chilling case of a mass murder plot foiled thanks to a routine house call by officers, in which they discovered an arsenal of weapons ammunition and a kill list.
Crimewatch Live looks at how police were able to catch a rapist who had attacked a teenager in Gloucester more than 30 years ago.
Crimewatch Live looks at how a determined police force took down the gang selling industrial amounts of cocaine and laundering their profits through multiple cryptocurrency accounts.
Crimewatch Live looks at the drugs gang who attempted to rob a rival gang while dressed as police, but who were caught within hours of the doomed heist.
Crimewatch Live looks at how a prolific sex attacker was finally jailed for murdering Sarah Crump, 30 years after he was cleared of the crime.
Crimewatch Live looks at the police investigation into the jaw-dropping case of a man who steals thousands of pounds from his own father by posing as his recently deceased mother.
Series 18
On the 25th anniversary of the murder of Lyn Bryant, we make another appeal for information on this devastating cold case.
The jaw-dropping, once-in-a-lifetime chase by an officer on the beat as he apprehends an armed criminal.
How detectives tracked down a gang of armed robbers who raided shops and post offices across the Midlands.
How an NHS manager was sent to prison for 11 years for his part in a £600,000 fraud and bribery case.
The inside story on the gang jailed for over 58 years for running a network of cannabis factories that were growing industrial amounts of weed.