Criminals Caught On Camera

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Criminals Caught On Camera

A killer drags his ex-partner's body around in a suitcase.

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Series 4
Two off-duty police officers tackle an armed gang raid.
A shop owner fights off a thief with a bottle of vodka.
The police get caught up in a firefight with a drug dealer.
A violent abuser murders his ex-partner but is caught on CCTV with her body in a suitcase.
Series 5
Two officers tackle a violent man carrying two knives.
Series 6
Britain on the brink and across the ages, from tearaway teens to out of order OAPs.
Neighbours causing chaos across the UK, from noise next door to unwelcome guests.
Incredible stories of disorder at football matches.
A Cornish cave rescue for Suka the terrier, and the hunt for the Croydon Cat Killer.
Police bodycams record burglaries, chases and an armed seige.
Exploring how some young people can take their first steps into a life of lawlessness.
Drug smugglers, boozed-up brawls on the sea front and beach raves that get out of hand.
In Suffolk, a series of farm thefts wreak havoc until CCTV provides vital clues.
Boozed-up Britain at its worst - including a bouncer racially abused by a drunken clubber.
Witnessing a car crime bonanza - from road raging drivers to ram raids gone wrong.