Criminals Caught On Camera

July 2018

Season 5, Episode 1: Violent Britain

4.0 9 x
Two officers tackle a violent man carrying two knives, a shooting outside a club sparks a huge investigation, and a gang of armed robbers try everything they can to make their escape.

Season 4, Episode 1

4.0 6 x
Season 4, Episode 1 of the TV-show Criminals Caught On Camera was broadcast by Channel 5 on Tuesday 24 July 2018 at 0:05.
June 2018

Season 4, Episode 9

3.0 7 x
Nick Wallis has highlights from the series including how a gang of ATM robbers were nabbed, and footage from a police helicopter showing a driver being pursued by police who ends up in a reservoir.

Season 4, Episode 8

4.5 8 x
Extraordinary footage is shown of two off-duty police officers who don't hestitate to tackle an armed gang raiding a jewellery shop. Also the case of a drug dealer bragging online about his lifestyle.
May 2018

Season 4, Episode 7

4.0 13 x
Journalist Nick Wallis follows an investigation into a terror campaign against the police in Belfast, led by a 31-year old woman. Also the taxi cam footage that shows a shocking attack on two elderly passengers.

Season 4, Episode 6

4.0 8 x
Journalist Nick Wallis shows exclusive body cam footage which captures violent assaults on the police. There is also footage of a shop owner caught on camera fighting off a thief with a bottle of vodka.

Season 4, Episode 5

3.0 7 x
Armed robbers are caught terrorising shop staff. The police find themselves in a firefight with a drug dealer. And, a determined gang free an ATM from the wall.
April 2018

Season 4, Episode 4

4.0 12 x
A violent abuser murdered his ex-partner and used a suitcase to dispose of her body. CCTV cameras captured him dragging the suitcase through the streets of Exeter.

Season 4, Episode 3

4.0 10 x
A teenager who murdered his friend was caught on camera buying the gloves he wore for the shocking killing. A youth brought terror to a seaside resort when he brandished a gun in front of holidaymakers. A random acid attack is captured on camera.

Season 4, Episode 2

3.0 11 x
Journalist Nick Wallis follows a Flying Squad investigation into a ruthless gang who blew up 27 cash machines in and around London. There is also footage of a bar owner from the Wirral fighting off machete-wielding robbers with a bar stool, and a dimwitted duo who think that they have hit the jackpot by breaking into pub fruit machines.
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