CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

February 2016

Season 9, Episode 2: The Happy Place

4.3 280 x
Catherine and Nick investigate the death of a young woman; Grissom hunts a brutal killer; and a man pulls the plug on his wife's life support machine.

Season 14, Episode 21: Kitty

3.0 73 x
The killing of a prominent casino owner's wife attracts the attention of a dynamic special agent from the FBI's cyber crime division in Washington.

Season 8, Episode 4: The Case Of The Cross-Dressing Carp

3.0 67 x
The CSI team works to solve the death of a transgender teenager.

Season 8, Episode 9: Cockroaches

3.0 51 x
After a police chase results in the discovery of two bodies, the ensuing investigation uncovers dark goings-on at a strip club.
January 2016

Season 14, Episode 20: Consumed

3.0 59 x
A killer cannibal targets an online community of fetishists.

Season 8, Episode 3: Go To Hell

3.0 48 x
Drama series about a team of Las Vegas forensic investigators. Police probe the murder of a married couple in a seedy hotel room.

Season 14, Episode 19: The Fallen

3.0 37 x
The team become the target of a seemingly unhinged teenager.

Season 8, Episode 2: A La Cart

3.0 65 x
Drama series about a team of Las Vegas forensic investigators. A magazine mogul has been stabbed in a hip restaurant, and a teenager has been found minus his head.

Season 14, Episode 18: Uninvited

3.0 33 x
The investigators look into the case of a missing family.

Season 8, Episode 1: Dead Doll

3.0 46 x
After Sara is abducted by the 'Miniature Killer', the CSIs must search the desert for their friend.