Death in Paradise

Series 13

NewSeries 13, Episode 3

15 x
The poisoning of a celebrity chef confounds the team as they question how and when the poison could possibly have been administered.

Series 13, Episode 2

10 x
It’s murder in the bingo hall as a local care home resident is found stabbed with her own knitting needle, clutching a mysterious photo of a dead man.

Series 13, Episode 1

2 x
The team is rocked when commissioner Selwyn Patterson is shot at the yacht club as he celebrates 50 years of police service.

Christmas Special 2023

15 x
When a CEO falls to his death one night, things take an even stranger turn when his house guest mysteriously vanishes, prompting her fiancé to fly out on a rescue mission.
Series 7

Series 7, Episode 4

79 x
Jack and the team find themselves embroiled in the mysterious world of faith healing when a woman is poisoned during a ceremony and all evidence points to the healer himself.

Series 7, Episode 3

138 x
When famous thriller author Frank O'Toole is found stabbed through the heart in the middle of the ocean, Jack and his team uncover a murder plot worthy of one of his novels.
Series 12

Series 12, Episode 8

33 x
The team investigate the murder of a renowned calypso singer’s husband. Meanwhile, Neville struggles with Sophie’s revelations and contemplates his future in Saint Marie.

Series 12, Episode 7

53 x
The team must prove Neville’s innocence after Professor Cartwright is murdered. DI Karen Flitcroft from the Department of Policing Standards takes over the investigation.

Series 12, Episode 6

26 x
The team investigate the murder of a water taxi driver at the same time as Neville receives an anonymous letter warning them a murder is due to take place.

Series 12, Episode 5

38 x
The team investigate the murder of a former children’s home resident. Meanwhile, Marlon sits his sergeant’s exams, and Selwyn meets his daughter for the first time.

Series 12, Episode 4

13 x
The team join Naomi in Saint Barnabas when her best friend’s father is murdered at a wedding. Meanwhile, Marlon tries to prepare for his sergeant exams but is easily distracted.

Series 12, Episode 3

30 x
The team investigate the murder of an estate agent during the private sale of a picturesque beach. Meanwhile, Marlon leads a counterfeit goods case to impress the Commissioner.

Series 12, Episode 2

16 x
The team investigate a preppers commune when one of their members is poisoned inside a locked bunker. Meanwhile, Neville has a series of adventurous dates with Sophie.

Series 12, Episode 1

24 x
The team investigate the mysterious death of an astronomer after he falls from a cliff during a rare planetary event. Meanwhile, is romance blossoming for Neville?

Christmas Special 2022

63 x
A podcaster is murdered whilst investigating the disappearance of a child. It’s a case that’s haunted Selwyn for many years, and now Neville and the team must lay its ghost to rest.
Series 4

Series 4, Episode 8

17 x
Detective drama series. When a prisoner is killed in their custody, DI Goodman and the team are under pressure to solve the case quickly.
Series 11

Series 11, Episode 8

41 x
When a prestigious chess match ends in murder, the team must work out how and why the killing was carried out.

Series 11, Episode 7

44 x
A reggae rap artist is shot dead at a soundcheck for a concert. Things prove uncomfortable for Marlon when he discovers a personal connection to the crime.

Series 11, Episode 6

34 x
When a woman reports a murder and is then found strangled, the team are left wondering whether she was reporting her own murder.

Series 11, Episode 5

35 x
When a young popstar is found dead at a rehab clinic, it initially looks like a tragic accident. But Neville is convinced there’s more to her death than meets the eye.