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Evie’s wedding hangs in the balance. Can Nina come through for her sister and save the day whilst her own future is calling?

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Series 1
Nina promises to keep the events of the hen do secret. So when Bo finds out what went down, a distraught Evie shares some harsh truths with Nina.
Evie’s hen do in Rothesay isn’t going to plan, so Nina asks for help from Lee. Little does she know his arrival will have catastrophic consequences.
It’s a turbulent day for Nina: her first date with Lee is derailed when Evie plans her bridesmaid’s dress fitting in the middle of it.
Nina and Evie hatch a plan to impress Ranesh’s intimidating dad, Sachin. They must win him over before they share the news of Evie and Ranesh’s engagement.
Nina was happy in her world, but when her best friend and sister Evie delivers some news, she realises everything is going to change. However, this isn’t the only change coming Nina’s way.