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Mario must pay a high price for his mistakes.

Series 2
After Julita’s kidnapping, Rolf travels to France to bring Hania back to Denmark.
A man breaks into Maria's house. Julita visits Rolf to learn the final truth about Hania.
The health of Maria and Thorstein’s baby improves.
Mario is sold into hard labour but plans an escape.
Rolf tries to build a relationship with his daughter in Paris but is warned to stay away.
Series 1
Danish crime drama. With the people behind the adoption network in custody, Minna can be reunited with her mother. Meanwhile, Rolf gets a new lead in the search for his missing daughter.
Danish crime drama. Neel visits Melanie's family to investigate the trafficking of babies, but Rolf soon realises that she could be in danger. Meanwhile, Julita won't give up on her stolen baby.
Danish crime drama. Rolf, Claire and Karol don't get much help from the nuns in Poland, but Rolf then discovers a connection to the case that points to a fertility clinic in Paris.
Danish crime drama. In Paris, two men, Gregouire and Fabien, are brought in for questioning about the killing of Victoria Several tracks lead Rolf and Claire back to Poland.
Danish crime drama. With clues pointing to Poland, Rolf and Claire leave to find a crucial witness in possession of a video. In Danish with English subtitles.
Danish crime drama. After Rolf and Neel find serious errors in the Danish DNA register, the Minna case is reopened. Rolf and Astrid assist the French investigator, Claire Bobain.
Danish crime drama. A stolen car in Thornby results in Rolf meeting young police assistant Neel. He is ordered by their joint boss to test the car thief's DNA with his old colleagues in Copenhagen.
Danish crime drama. Rolf Larsen, a respected detective on the Copenhagen police force, has his life brutally upended when his baby daughter goes missing.