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Welcome to the hilarious and hair-raising adventures of the Artful Dodger. Hold onto your top hats, as Dodger’s going to be one heck of a ride...

When a heist goes wrong, Dodger is given his harshest punishment yet - school! Sent to the upper crust St Albion’s College, he must unravel the mystery of a secret society.
Having returned to London, Dodger reunites with Fagin’s gang, and they try their boldest plan yet – a daring train robbery!
Episodes 2023
Dodger attempts a kind-hearted deed for an old friend on Christmas Eve but has to break into 10 Downing Street. As he gets trapped there, the gang try to steal 200 geese.
After a year of living on the run, Dodger and the gang return to London to pull off their biggest mission yet: to steal the crown jewels ahead of Queen Victoria’s coronation.
Fagin’s gang fight to save Tang’s life, Dodger scores a leading role at a haunted theatre, and Polly strikes a questionable deal with the enemy.
Charley falls into the hands of the riverside-dwelling mudlarks and is sent on a dangerous mission by the truly terrifying Lucifer.
A new scam is afoot as Dodger disguises himself as a posh lost boy in order to get in with a well-to-do family - but will Dodger’s conscience get the best of him?
Gang member Tom returns to find his bed taken by the new boy, while a dangerous money-making opportunity arises at the unveiling of Madame Tussaud’s Queen Victoria waxwork.
Twelve-year-old orphan Jack Dawkins escapes a mill owner’s clutches. With the help of new friend Charley, they make it to London, where they first meet Fagin’s infamous gang.
Episodes 2022
As the police close in, the endgame unfolds, culminating in an unexpected reunion, two fateful betrayals, a dramatic demise and a gang member cast adrift.
Fagin undertakes a new venture printing fake bank notes with a stolen money machine. However, this leads to a shocking betrayal – could this finally mean the gallows?
A seemingly innocent Egyptian mummy unrolling event turns potentially deadly when Dodger is kidnapped. Will the gang make it in time to save him from a terrible fate?
Long-time gang member Nancy returns, seeking revenge and armed with an elaborate plan to steal Queen Victoria’s precious jewel, the Burmese Star.
Shoddy travelling fair Rossini’s Carnival comes to town, creating an opportunity for someone to create a terrible predicament for Polly. Does she have what it takes to triumph?