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Dog Squad

Meagaidh and Tom visit a school to show the children how a search and rescue dog works. But disaster strikes when the cook goes missing with the children’s cheese sandwiches.

Series 1
The allotments are a big place for a little dog. Can disability assistance dog Tinks find someone to help her and Charli water their sunflower seeds?
Guide dog Kika and Dr Amit visit the supermarket to pick up a surprise birthday cake. But the party hats have been moved! Kika must use all her powers to find them.
Hearing dog Diesel is helping his teenage owner, Rayane, with his Sunday chores when he hears a new sound he has never heard before. What could it be?
Therapy dog Sylvie and her owner, Katrina, visit the doctor's to help a little boy called Ben feel brave enough to see Dr Stevens about his grazed knee.
Series 2
Sylvie has a bit of a sniffle, so Katrina makes an appointment for her to see the vet. But she supercharges her super heart when a little girl called Dina needs her help.
Series 1
Hearing dog Diesel is on an important mission to wake Rayane up in time for his football trial. There’s a big match tomorrow, and Rayane really wants to be picked for the team.
Disability assistance dog Tinks is determined to help her owner Charli feel confident enough to go to a party. She summons all her big dog energy and sets off in search of a plan.
Therapy dog Sylvie helps out on the first day at school. But when a little girl gets scared, Sylvie has to use her superheart to be calmer and friendlier than ever before.
Joe and Kate are lost at the top of a really steep hill. They are cold, soggy, tired and hungry. Search and rescue dog Meagaidh and her owner Tom must race to find them!
Guide dog Kika uses her supersight to help Dr Amit catch a train to the city. But their mission is almost derailed by a last-minute platform change. Can Kika save the day?
Series 2
Rayane takes a starring role in the big drama club play, with Diesel right by his side. But with confusion over their cue, can Diesel get them on stage at the right time?
Sylvie and Katrina help a little boy called Alfie visit his great-grandfather in his new care home. He has just moved in, so the care home is a new place for everyone.
Tinks uses her super fetch skills and big dog energy to help Charli model some upcycled outfits at WUFS – the Woofton Upcycled Fashion Show.
Kika and Dr Amit learn a new route on their way to the seaside. But when Anoushka forgets her jacket, they have to retrace their steps in a hurry before they miss the bus home.
Search and rescue dog Dan and his owner Jamie set off on an urban search looking for Pop-Pop, who has got lost while exploring near his care home.
Sylvie and Katrina stop to help Dawn from the toy shop, Harry the baker and Pete the postie on their way to the park café on their day off.
It’s a windy day in Woofton, and a famous local artist has gone missing. Dan and Jamie are called out on a day search.
Hearing dog Diesel is on a camping adventure. But can he follow the trail of familiar sounds to help Rayane find his missing dreamcatcher?
Kika helps Dr Amit and Raj the grocer judge the carrots at the Woofton country fair. Can she guide Amit through a maze of stalls with the winning carrots for their photo shoot?