Dom Digs In

May 2022

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 10. Roadside Assistance

3.0 4 x
Dom works as a roadside mechanic, finding out what it takes to keep the UK’s motorists moving. Can he keep the show on the road, or will he be a spanner in the works?

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 9. Construction

3.0 5 x
Dom gets to work in construction, but will he raise the roof or go down like a ton of bricks as he joins the men and women who are building Britain?

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 8. Waste

3.0 2 x
Dom’s lifting the lid on what really happens to Britain’s waste, finding out how our non-recyclable rubbish is turned into energy to power our homes and businesses.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 7. Vets

4.0 3 x
Dom’s rolling up his sleeves in rural Cumbria, working alongside the vets who ensure that our farm animals and furry friends are healthy, no matter the circumstances.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 6. Port

4.0 7 x
Dom’s working at the Port of Tyne, but can he pull his weight alongside the men and women who operate around the clock to keep essential imports and exports moving?
April 2022

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 5. Water

3.0 6 x
Dom jumps in at the deep end, working with one of the country’s biggest water companies. Will he take to it like a duck to water or end up having an absolute stinker?

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 4. Zoo

4.0 6 x
Dom takes a walk on the wild side at the largest zoo in the UK. Facing big teeth and big claws, can he make it as one of the pack, or will he end up being thrown to the lions?

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 3. Buses

4.0 3 x
Dom’s working in Hull with the East Yorkshire bus company. Can he hack it alongside the men and women who work tirelessly to keep our most popular form of public transport moving?

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 2. Frozen Food

4.0 4 x
Dom gets to work on the farm and in the factory, finding out what it takes to fill our freezers with peas, the UK’s favourite frozen food.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 1. Ferries

3.0 3 x
Dom takes to the high seas on the crucial ferry link between Northern Ireland and the UK mainland. Can he keep things shipshape, or will he end up all at sea?