Dom Does America

August 2020

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 10. Private Investigator

1.5 15 x
Dom tracks down a violent fugitive, a runaway drug addict and a wanted sex offender as he works as a private investigator in Waco, Texas.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 9. Soldier

3.0 20 x
Dom joins the US Army’s First Armoured Division at Fort Bliss, one of the largest military bases in the USA.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 8. Game Warden

4.0 10 x
Dom does his bit for the natural world, working as a game warden on the Mexican border.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 7. Police Officer

4.0 7 x
Dom is put through his paces on the front line of American law-enforcement, working as a police officer with the Aransas Pass Police Department on the Gulf coast of Texas.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 6. Firefighter

3.0 14 x
Dom fulfils his boyhood dream of working as a firefighter, as he spends a day with the Wichita Falls Fire Department in Texas.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 5. US Marshal

3.0 36 x
Dom lines up with some serious firepower, working as a US Marshal in San Antonio, Texas.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 4. Coastguard

4.0 19 x
Dom patrols the seas and skies, working as a coastguard in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 3. Cattle Rancher

4.0 24 x
Dom takes a break from the blue lights and sirens and really gets his hands dirty, working on a cattle ranch in Austin, Texas.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 2. Paramedic

3.0 9 x
Dom takes on his toughest challenge yet, working as a paramedic in Austin, Texas.

Series 1 (30-minute versions): 1. Correctional Officer

4.0 21 x
Dom comes face-to-face with the American criminal justice system, working as a correctional officer in Randall County Jail.