Domino Day

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Domino Day

Domino regains her powers while Silas lures her into a trap using the coven. Determined to revive Leon and save her friends, Domino faces an explosive showdown with Esme.

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Series 1
Happily free of both Silas and her power, a ‘human’ Domino enjoys a date with Leon. But a jealous Silas and tenacious Esme won’t let things lie, and her life is soon upended again.
With her powers becoming uncontrollably dangerous and having put Sammie in danger, Domino is forced to confront the monster within herself and ask the coven for help.
Domino struggles with the reappearance of her dangerous ex, who wants to pick up where they left off. Meanwhile, the coven grapples with the truth of who Domino is.
Local coven leader Kat lures Domino to her HQ, where her ancestors possess Domino and reveal the dark truth about who she really is.
Domino, a lone witch, deliberately dates awful men in order to feed off them. However, her unusual behaviour has put her on the radar of a mysterious local coven, who want answers.