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Richard Sackler faces a catastrophic challenge to Purdue's bottom line. Bridget takes her fight to the FDA. Finnix is forced to reassess his life as Betsy struggles to kick her addiction.

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Series 1
With OxyContin abuse spreading across the country, Bridget brings the fight to Purdue. Dr Finnix’s position as a practising doctor becomes increasingly untenable.
Sky-high OxyContin sales are jeopardised by reports of patients becoming addicted as steps are taken to safeguard the reputation of the drug.
OxyContin is marketed in ever more aggressive ways as doctors are coaxed into rethinking their approach to patients’ pain. Rick and Randy investigate the world of pain societies.
OxyContin hits the market as Purdue Pharma's vast influence spreads across the country. Soon enough, patient feedback casts doubts over some of the marketing campaign's claims.
Richard Sackler begins to launch a powerful new painkiller. But is the drug safe enough to be released? Meanwhile, a rural doctor is introduced to the revolutionary powers of OxyContin.
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Series 1, Episode 8 - The People vs Purdue Pharma

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Activists step up the pressure by taking action against Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers - and Richard Sackler's empire is finally in trouble as Rick and Randy find ways to bring their case forth.

Series 1, Episode 7 - Black Box Warning

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Richard Sackler and Purdue work the system to prevent their drug from being reigned in. Bridget has a breakthrough in her mission, and Betsy hits rock bottom.