Dragons' Den

Series 21

Series 21, Episode 1

2 x
A sock business that employs people with learning difficulties, three second-hand luxury clothing entrepreneurs, and a pair of optical experts bid for the Dragons' investment.

NewSeries 21, Episode 8

4 x
A young entrepreneur hopes to find the Dragons’ sweet tooth with his gourmet gummies, and a self-confessed eco-warrior is on a mission to turn old waste plastic into beautiful products.

Series 21, Episode 7

4 x
A volunteer guide dog trainer pitches her edible gift cards for four-legged friends, and a chocolatier introduces her take on two of the nation’s favourite snacks.

Series 21, Episode 6

14 x
The Den has a new guest Dragon, the London-born CEO behind Good American and founding partner of SKIMS, Emma Grede.

Series 21, Episode 5

9 x
The entrepreneurs bidding for the Dragons' investment include a cat-loving inventor who thinks he’s found a new way to keep feline teeth clean.

Series 21, Episode 4

6 x
Among those bidding for the Dragons' investment is a Guinness World Record breaker who wants to bring the art of henna to the masses.

Series 21, Episode 3

12 x
For the first time in Den history the Dragons have company – guest Gary Neville joins the fearsome five.

Series 21, Episode 2

14 x
The entrepreneurs seeking the Dragons' investment include a former special effects make-up artist with a natural skin care range and twins who think they’ve found a way to help renters get a mortgage.
Series 19

Series 19, Episode 8

26 x
A brewer’s high-strength hooch pole-axes a Dragon, a cruelty-free watch strap uses some surprising materials, and the makers of an eco-friendly deodorant make the Dragons jump out of their skin.

Series 19, Episode 7

11 x
Two business partners offer up their planet-saving product as the solution to the plastic bag problem, and an American entrepreneur crosses the pond with her family's favourite drink.

Series 19, Episode 4

14 x
A dog-loving husband and wife duo try to collar some cash, and a mum-of-two aims to go global with her subscription kids clothing offering.
Series 20

Series 20, Episode 14

43 x
Some entrepreneurial mums pitch a child-friendly sunscreen applicator, a hard-water shower filter hopes to clean up in the Den, and a collectable whisky company offers an interesting guarantee.
Series 19

Series 19, Episode 3

25 x
Entrepreneurs pitch activity-packed weekend breaks for adults, vegan handbags with an X-rated twist, a home delivery app for shoppers and a range of homemade soups and stews.
Series 20

Series 20, Episode 13

25 x
A surgeon turned inventor thinks he’s solved a universal problem for parents, and an entrepreneur is on a mission to eliminate the dreaded sweat patch.

Series 20, Episode 12

19 x
A wizard-inspired pair believe magical drinks and mini golf can cast a spell over the Dragons, and there’s a sweet pitch from chocolate makers who’ve spotted a gap in the market.

Series 20, Episode 11

32 x
Entrepreneurs pitch a figure-skating clothing brand, a vacuum attachment to combat dust from drilling, a coffee company and a volunteering app.

Series 20, Episode 10

30 x
Entrepreneurs pitch plastic-free soap, an alternative to glue, a football board game and a micro camper van.

Series 20, Episode 9

21 x
Entrepreneurs pitch a motorcycle clothing brand, a matcha-based energy drink and a DIY tool that promises to provide measurements like no other.

Series 20, Episode 8

14 x
Entrepreneurs pitch a multipurpose gardening tool, an adaptive clothing range, an app that reunites lost dogs with their owners, and a plant-based meal delivery service.

Series 20, Episode 7

52 x
Entrepreneurs pitch portable toilets for kids, crunchy mushroom snacks and a range of sustainable clothing.