Dragons: The Nine Realms

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Dragons: The Nine Realms

A miscalculation by Tom has left the fate of the Realms in jeopardy.

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Series 2
Tom and Jun struggle to get ingredients for Gronckle Iron to help stop the World Serpent.
Tom and the riders must rescue Plowhorn from Sledkin.
The dragon riders enlist the aid of Carla and Hazel to help them prepare for a mission.
Tom and the dragon riders foster displaced dragons - but things get complicated.
Tom attempts to defeat the World Serpent by emulating Hiccup.
Tom and the riders must finally overcome their differences to survive the Dark Realm.
When Thunder accidentally fries Alex’s tablet, Alex goes off on her own and is captured.
Jun does a Tarot reading and interprets its meaning to be that the riders will disband!
With the dragon riders disbanded, Eugene attempts to start his own dragon club.
Thunder must lead the Hero Dragons in a desperate attempt to save Tom and the riders.
Tom and Jun get trapped inside a giant tree with an anxious colony of woodchipper dragons.
Phil threatens to shut down D’Angelo’s new dragon hospital and ban dragons from Icaris.
The Riders 'borrow' the bathysphere to rescue a dragon from the Giant Realm Sea.
Eugene’s bond with Webmaster is put to the test.
D’Angelo struggles to keep a cool head and find a cure for the victims of an attack.
Tom tries to prove Sledkin caused an explosion that injured a dragon in the Hidden World.
D’Angelo and Eugene get locked in with dragons after Eugene triggers a security lockdown.
Tom struggles under the pressure of being the new Dragon Whisperer for Rakke Town.
A deep freeze puts the lives of everyone in Rakke Town in jeopardy.