Drain The Oceans

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Drain The Oceans

The team examines some of the largest and most significant wrecks.

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Series 1
The team searches for clues about Adolf Hitler's demise in World War II.
A close look at Loch Ness in Scotland with the help of new technology.
A 3D survey of the Thailand cave offers details about how 12 boys were rescued.
A crew embarks on a high-tech expedition into the Pacific Ocean to search for lost ships.
A close look is taken at the Spanish Armada to show how Spain failed to invade England.
The team drains San Francisco's streets to tell the true story of 19th-century gold mania.
A secret emerges beneath Manhattan's skyline and an astounding feat of engineering.
Experts head beneath the waves to reveal the secrets and doomsday weapons of the Cold War.
Maritime archaeologists hunt beneath the waves for Civil War secrets.
As experts drain the ocean, the story behind the world's first stealth weapon is revealed.
The team looks at the Pacific Ocean to uncover new information about World War II.
The city of London is closely examined with the help of the latest technology.
Experts learn secrets of the Roman Empire when they find an old shipwreck and a port.
Looking at the Normandy coast to reveal secret WWII tech from the Allies and Nazis.
Series 4
A 13,000-year-old skeleton and a submerged coastline reveal insights in America.
Exploring wreckage by hurricanes reveals surprising truths about history.
Who owns the half-billion dollar treasure of the mysteriously code-named Black Swan?
Including an exploration into the mysterious sinking of Australia's 'Titanic'.
Series 1
CGI is utilised to reveal the carnage wrought by a naval battle during WWI.