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Eve’s birthday celebrations don’t go according to plan, Harvey makes a new friend, and Elaine breaks her silence.

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May 2024
Ravi struggles with his emotions, while tensions rise for George. Peter steps up for a loved one.
There’s an unexpected visitor at the Panesar house, Cindy makes her disapproval known, and Freddie plays matchmaker.
Whitney is daunted as she puts a plan in motion.
Whitney makes a decision, and George finds an unexpected connection to his heritage.
Elaine puts her own emotions aside for her family, Whitney receives advice from an unlikely source, and Kat makes a decision for her boys.
Zack and Whitney prepare to say ‘I do’, and the Knights are shocked by a discovery. Alfie takes matters into his own hands, but not all is what it seems.
Whitney faces a daunting prospect, and Tommy tries to play matchmaker.
Penny attempts to fix a situation but unknowingly causes more drama, Nugget lies to conceal a truth, and Alfie is warmed by a gesture.
George is rocked by recent events, Whitney makes a huge decision following a revelation, and Denzel puts his foot in it.
The Knights pull rank as they try to get through to George, Bianca enlists Britney’s help for a pre-wedding task, and Amy prepares to take a big step.
Cindy goes all out to help, Stevie lays his cards on the table, and Denzel annoys Amy.
George gets a wake-up call, Billy lashes out, and Whitney has a big question for Bianca.
Elaine is the bearer of bad news, and Yolande and Patrick have a heart-to-heart.
Patrick asks the wrong person for help, Anna and Gina make a call in the hope of bringing the family closer, and Martin and Chelsea become party planners.
Yolande’s behaviour starts to raise alarm bells, and Anna makes an upsetting discovery.
Lexi attempts to repair the Mitchell family, Yolande’s efforts aren’t received well, and Zack joins forces to fix a new problem.
April 2024
The Mitchells receive an unwelcome visitor, Zack faces another stumbling block, and Yolande is inspired by Jean.
Zack faces some uncomfortable questions. Bernie takes advice from an unlikely source. Billy accidentally puts his foot in it following a conversation with Jay.
Whitney prepares to face the music, Nadine meets her match, and Jade seeks out the truth.