October 2021


4.0 10 x
Gray’s money issues continue as Whitney worries about a future between them. Harvey tries to clear the air with Ash but makes things worse with Dana. Janine and Liam put their plan into motion.


4.0 10 x
Liam tells Janine the truth as she vows to help out her nephew. Denise is delighted things are going back to normal, but Kim doesn’t share the sentiment.


4.0 26 x
Kim faces a harsh reality, Chelsea and Whitney form an unlikely bond, and Gray is left in a predicament with work. Billy offers to help Janine out, much to Jay’s disapproval.


3.0 18 x
Phil gets increasingly anxious as Kim searches for the truth. Kat reaches boiling point with Janine, and Ash’s terrible day at work goes from bad to worse.


3.0 18 x
Kat is shocked to learn why Tommy has been acting out, and Janine goes to great lengths for Scarlett’s school project in a bid to win her daughter’s affection.


4.0 17 x
Kim is thrown when someone from her past comes back to haunt her. Dana starts to worry about Bobby’s behaviour.


3.0 8 x
Keegan’s suspicions of Liam grow, Dotty’s frustrations increase as her mum comes under fire once more, and Jay has a plan for revenge.


3.0 8 x
Bernie starts to worry about Rainie’s behaviour, Keegan makes a huge decision, and Bobby has an idea to help Martin.


4.0 11 x
Dotty is left shocked by an unwanted reveller, Suki is mortified as the truth comes out, and Zack pulls a prank that ends badly.


4.0 16 x
Suki uses her authority to get revenge on Honey, while Vinny steps up for Dotty. Desperate for money, Martin is forced to take a new job.