October 2019


3.0 6 x
Stuart leans on Callum for support, Martin’s behaviour spirals out of control, and Mo receives a worrying letter.


3.0 9 x
Rainie reaches breaking point, Martin's conscience gets the better of him, and Tiffany and Keegan make an announcement.


3.0 5 x
Martin feels the pressure as Ben’s demands continue to grow, Stuart and Rainie have an ultimatum for Kathy, and Tiffany and Keegan make a decision about their future.


3.0 15 x
Tensions reach breaking point between Martin and Ben, Kathy finds herself on the wrong side of Stuart, and Iqra has some shocking news for Arshad.


4.0 7 x
Kathy takes matters into her own hands with Rainie, Jean gets some devastating news, and Ben continues to make Martin’s life difficult.


4.0 10 x
Recent actions catch up with Ben when Lola finds herself in danger.


3.0 6 x
Sonia gives Martin a tough reality check, Rainie struggles to hold things together, and Karen is touched by Bailey’s latest request.


3.0 15 x
Sharon struggles with the mounting pressure from Mel, Ben’s dodgy dealings come back to haunt him, and Linda makes progress with the other school mums.


3.0 18 x
Bex hides how she feels and refuses to open up, Sharon desperately tries to pull in a favour to make sure her plan goes ahead, and Jean supports Daniel as the pair grow closer.
Episodes expected soon

October 18, 2019

Expected on
Sonia is alarmed when she sees Martin's injuries and when he refuses to seek medical help, she grows increasingly agitated with his lack of consideration for Bex. Stuart visits Kathy and makes his feelings plain, while Whitney is adamant that she and Leo stay in the E20 when Callum and Ben walk in - but she proceeds to get drunk.Gray suggests the Taylors throw a party to celebrate Chantelle's pregnancy.
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