June 2019


4.0 12 x
Keanu finds himself in a dangerous situation, Kush makes a drastic decision about Arthur, and Linda turns to Karen for advice.


3.0 8 x
Louise struggles to keep Sharon’s secret, the rift between Martin and Kush grows, and Whitney gets her own back on Tiffany.

13/06/2019 Part 2

3.0 14 x
A surprise visitor arrives in Walford, Phil offer Sharon support, and Callum finds the confidence he needs.

13/06/2019 Part 1

4.0 11 x
Ben is up to his usual tricks, the Taylors support Bailey at Dinah’s funeral, and Mick has a surprise for the Carters.


3.0 21 x
Kush is concerned at Robbie’s behaviour, the Taylors and Atkins celebrate Bailey’s birthday, and Mick is alarmed to learn what Linda has been up to.


2.5 19 x
Sharon makes a shocking discovery that leaves her in turmoil, Whitney’s world is turned upside down, and Karen prepares for a big day ahead.

06/06/2019 Part 2

4.0 12 x
Louise gives Ben some home truths. Denise reaches the end of her tether. Iqra is furious about recent events and confronts Adam.

06/06/2019 Part 1

3.0 7 x
Callum is left feeling conflicted. Iqra makes a confession to Mariam and Arshad. Sonia is confused by Robbie’s odd behaviour.


3.0 7 x
Honey has some difficult news for Billy. Ben is haunted by past memories. Mick has a plan to cheer up Linda.
Episodes expected soon

June 20, 2019

Expected on
Keanu is alarmed when he wakes up in an empty warehouse, tied up with seemingly no means of escape. Meanwhile, Louise prepares for her first scan, but is upset when she cannot get hold of her boyfriend - unaware he has apparently been kidnapped.Bernadette tells Tiffany she has found a match through a dating app, Billy takes drastic action against Adam, while Bobby tries to keep a low profile - only to bump into Max, who is shocked to see the youngster back in the Square.
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