April 2019


4.0 13 x
Sharon is rocked by Kathy’s revelation, Billy puts Ruby in an awkward situation, and Jean asks Stacey to help her find Sean.


3.0 13 x
Louise finds herself in a worrying situation, Tiffany is at the receiving end of Sharon’s wrath, and Shirley worries about Jean.


3.0 20 x
Louise is put in danger, Denise and Kim's salon opens for business, and Stacey feels guilty about hiding news from Jean.


3.0 20 x
Ben goes behind Phil's back, Kat is shocked by Stacey's admission, and Denise worries Kim has taken on more than she can manage.


3.0 23 x
Kathy is surprised to learn Lola's news, Mel's plan backfires, and Sonia and Martin hatch a plan to help Bex.


2.0 16 x
Ben drops a bombshell, Jack worries about Mel, and Bex makes a big decision.


3.5 38 x
Mel receives some alarming news, Keanu gets more than he bargained for, and Lola ignores Ben’s instructions.


3.0 18 x
Dennis has a shocking revelation for Sharon, Mel loses her temper with Jack, and Jay and Lola put the past behind them.


4.0 21 x
Tiffany tries to keep Dennis out of trouble, Mel struggles to hold it together, and Mitch attempts to make amends with Chantelle.
Episodes expected soon

April 25, 2019

Expected on
Sharon makes a discovery that could tear the Mitchells apart. Jean asks Stacey to help her contact Sean. Chantelle hatches a plan for Gray and Mitch to resolve their differences.
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