June 2020


3.0 31 x
Billy and Karen go on a disaster date, and Phil is more determined than ever to get what he wants.


4.0 16 x
Trouble is brewing for Dotty as she takes a big risk, Bobby is left heartbroken, and Billy prepares to fight for love.


4.0 32 x
Gray’s anger boils when he jumps to conclusions, Whitney makes a risky move that could change everything, and Max takes action to protect his finances.


4.3 20 x
Peter and Dotty take their relationship to the next level, and tension grows between Phil and Sharon as they battle with a lifechanging decision.


4.5 15 x
Sharon is faced with a life-changing decision, Denise offers Tiffany some words of encouragement, and Max tries to prove himself to Ruby.


4.0 17 x
Phil and Ben prepare for the job ahead, but Ben’s hearing problems put him in a life threatening situation.
May 2020


3.0 16 x
Recent decisions play on Sharon’s mind, Jean takes Shirley’s guidance to the extreme, and Keegan’s dreams come crashing down.


3.0 8 x
Phil is floored when Sharon makes an unexpected return. Karen does her best to help Tiffany with Keegan, and Kush feels the pressure.


3.0 12 x
Callum has an idea to help Ben, Lola makes a peace offering to Peter, and Danny has a proposition for Phil.


4.0 16 x
Suki attempts to manipulate a bad situation in her favour, Ben receives another knockback, and Keegan’s latest actions leave Tiffany torn.
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