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Emergency Helicopter Medics

Air ambulance teams race to help mountain biker Rob in the Cumbrian mountains. Off-road motorcyclist Dean has taken a nasty tumble. And Robbie, who's 15, has fallen from a cliff. (S2 Ep2)

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Series 6
Brand new series: The medics help Penny, who has had an anaphylactic shock from a wasp sting, and motocross rider Carl, who's had an accident and has dislocated his hip. (S5 Ep7)
Series 2
The air ambulance teams battle to save 48-year-old Paul as he suffers a series of heart attacks. In Cumbria, there's a mountainside rescue for seriously injured cyclist Nick. (S2 Ep1)
Series 1
The air ambulance teams struggle to reach an injured horse-rider in a Norfolk forest. Steph is trapped with multiple injuries after a bad smash in Northumberland. (S1 Ep10/10)
Series 6
Brand new series: Two air ambulance teams scramble to help a critically injured dad and his two young sons after a car collision. Gardener Graham has a nasty open ankle fracture. (S5 Ep6)
Series 1
The air ambulance teams help mountain biker Ivan, who has sustained a serious head injury in a remote part of a forest, and four-year-old Abithan, who has broken his thigh bone. (S1 Ep9/10)
The medics help Mick, who is put into an induced coma after suffering a cardiac arrest on a tennis court, and fell-runner Michael, who is seriously injured by cows in Cumbria. (S1 Ep8/10)
The air ambulance teams help Dennis, who's having a heart attack. A spin on her bike has catastrophic consequences for Carolyn. And there's a dramatic car crash in Norfolk. (S1 Ep7/10)
Series 6
Air ambulance medics race to help a teen with major brain injury after a car collision. And 10-year-old Jack is confused and nauseous from a bang on the head. (S5 Ep5)
Series 1
The air ambulance teams help Lesley, who's been seriously injured in a car crash in Northumberland. Plus, a cyclist has had a nasty crash in a remote part of Cumbria. (S1 Ep6/10)
The heli-medics battle to save cyclist Graham's partially amputated leg. And some strong pain relief results in unexpected hilarity following a serious footballing injury. (S1 Ep5/10)
The air ambulance teams work quickly to save Susan's life following a major gas explosion. A boating accident leaves holidaymaker Carol with a partially amputated foot. (S1 Ep4/10)
Series 6
Brand new series: A decorator's had a nasty fall and may have a bleed on the brain. A motorcyclist is given ketamine after breaking a leg. And Doreen has been trampled by a foal. (S5 Ep4)
Series 1
The air ambulance teams race to help farmer Dennis, who's been pierced in the chest by a large metal spike, and motorcyclist Ian, who's crashed in the Lake District. (S1 Ep3/10)
The air ambulance teams use battlefield dressings to try to save the life of a man who's bleeding to death. And nine-year-old Ar-Rayyan has been hit by a car. (S1 Ep2/10)
The air ambulance teams race to save the life of one motorcyclist, and help another who may have a serious spinal injury. Plus: a woman has been kicked in the face by her horse. (S1 Ep1/10)
Series 6
In East Anglia, a seriously ill dialysis patient desperately needs fluids. And on Canvey Island, the medics take over the breathing of a motorcyclist who's bleeding from his ear. (S5 Ep3)
Headteacher Andy has had a cardiac arrest. Rob's trapped under a pallet of granite in Ipswich. Thirteen-week pregnant Katie's having seizures and the air medics are on their way. (S5 Ep2)
Air ambulance teams save lives, from the hospital bedside to the roadside, including a motorcyclist who has multiple injuries after colliding with a van. (S5 Ep1)
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Series 2, Episode 3

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In Oxfordshire, a motocross collision leaves 12-year-old Lewis with a broken thighbone. Paraglider Lucasz is treated for multiple fractures after a crash on the Cumbrian coast. (S2 Ep3)