Escape to the Country

Series 22

Series 22, Episode 7 - Derbyshire

4.0 4 x
Jonnie Irwin takes in the delights of Derbyshire with a couple from Leeds. He also visits a repair cafe, where household items are mended while the owners enjoy a cup of coffee.

Series 22, Episode 6 - Hampshire

3.0 7 x
Sonali Shah shows a young couple the best rural properties Hampshire has to offer for their budget. She also visits a family home with energy bills that are virtually nonexistent.

Series 22, Episode 5 - Suffolk

4.5 8 x
Wanting to be closer to a new grandson, a buyer from the Gloucestershire town of Tewkesbury asks Jules Hudson to help her find a new home in the Suffolk countryside.

Series 21 (Extended Versions): 11. Dorset

4.0 5 x
Nicki Chapman meets an animal-loving house hunter from Oxfordshire who wants to relocate to a village community in Dorset, ideally close to the coast.
Series 22

Series 22, Episode 4 - Wiltshire

4.0 8 x
With their entire belongings in two rucksacks, today’s couple have spent the last six years travelling the globe. Now they are looking for a base in rural Wiltshire.

Series 22, Episode 3 - Northamptonshire

4.0 10 x
Steve Brown is today's property guide as a couple who have recently returned from Bermuda look for a new country home.

Series 21 (Extended Versions): 5. Welsh Borders

4.0 6 x
Jules Hudson is on home ground in the Welsh Borders as he showcases some tempting houses to a retired couple who have a whopping £1 million to spend.
Series 22

Series 22, Episode 2 - Argyll and Bute

3.0 13 x
A couple from the Surrey town of Epsom enjoy the spectacular landscape in Argyll and Bute as Nicki Chapman provides them with some expert property advice.

Series 22, Episode 1 - Derbyshire

3.0 7 x
A London couple are swapping the sound of the Bow bells for cow bells as they search for a dream home in the Derbyshire countryside.
Series 21

Series 21, Episode 53 - Devon

4.0 21 x
The bluebells are out in Devon as Sonali Shah helps a young couple search for a new home with enough land to start a glamping business.