Eva Longoria: Searching For Mexico

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Eva Longoria: Searching For Mexico

Eva travels to southern Mexico to experience the magic of Oaxaca, the home of chocolate and the birthplace of Mexico’s most ubiquitous ingredient - corn.

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Series 1
Eva takes a tour of her adopted hometown in the heart of the country, devouring a freshly baked concha and travelling down Aztec canals to an ancient floating vegetable garden.
In the crescent-shaped state of Veracruz, Eva walks in the footsteps of her ancestor Lorenzo, and samples stuffed jalapeños and a delicious chicken dish marinated in vanilla.
Eva travels to the eastern edge of Mexico, home of the ancient Maya, where she cooks in the shadow of the iconic Uxmal Pyramid.
In the mountainous northern region of Nuevo León, Eva is invited to a festive carne asada to sample the local aguja steak and eats cabrito, a dish descended from Sephardic Jewish tradition.
Eva enjoys traditional Birria stew and meets the fiercely proud Coca people to learn about their ancient heritage.