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Father Knows Least: Ray reluctantly accompanies Debra to parenting classes but soon realises that he can use the lessons on his own parents. (S2 Ep2)

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Series 2
Ray's on TV: Ray's family reluctantly tell him the truth about his performance after he appears as a panellist on TV. (S2 Ep1)
Series 1
Why Are We Here?: Ray and Debra reminisce about more peaceful times in their first apartment and recall why they ended up living across the road from Ray's meddlesome parents. (S1 Ep22)
Fascinatin' Debra: A psychotherapist interviews Debra for an article on the American family but finds the rest of the Barones more interesting than her. (S1 Ep21)
Neighbors: Ray's neighbours demand a meeting at his house to discuss what to do about his noisy dad Frank and interfering mum Marie. But then Frank and Marie arrive. (S1 Ep20)
The Dog: Ray and Robert both want to keep a stray bulldog that Ray brings home. But it turns out that the canine isn't so stray after all... (S1 Ep19)
Recovering Pessimist: Ray changes his ways after Debra accuses him of being too pessimistic, but his nearest and dearest reckon he's become a bighead. (S1 Ep18)
The Game: When the family's cable television stops working, they resort to a game of Scruples - accompanied by inevitable arguments. (S1 Ep17)
Diamonds: Ray discovers that the diamond in the engagement ring he bought Debra is a fake, so he decides to get it changed without her knowing - a potentially expensive mistake... (S1 Ep16)
The Car: Debra refuses to drive the car that Ray buys from his parents after finding out that Ray 'got lucky' in it as a teenager. (S1 Ep15)
Who's Handsome?: Ray starts to feel insecure about his looks after hearing Debra compliment Robert on his appearance. (S1 Ep14)
Debra's Sick: With Debra ill, Ray juggles the kids and work, which causes problems when quarterback Terry Bradshaw agrees to have a meeting with him at the paediatrician's. (S1 Ep13)
The Ball: Ray is upset to discover that the autographed Mickey Mantle baseball his dad gave him years ago is a fake. So he decides to tell his daughter Ally the truth about Santa. (S1 Ep12)
Captain Nemo: Ray is appointed captain of the basketball team after his brother Robert is ousted, but their parents are not pleased about the situation. (S1 Ep11)
Turkey or Fish: Debra takes it upon herself to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner, but she doesn't want her turkey to be compared with Marie's, so she cooks fish instead. (S1 Ep10)
Win, Lose or Draw: Ray decides to ignore his dad's poker advice in order to prove he doesn't need any help. But when he loses yet again, Debra wants him to ask for his money back. (S1 Ep9)
In-Laws: Debra's upper-class parents come to visit. Ray begs his own parents to be nice to them, but when they all go out for a meal, it proves a tall order... (S1 Ep8)
Your Place or Mine?: When Ray's parents fall out, his mum moves in with him and Debra. But Debra isn't happy and tries to convince Ray's dad to apologise. (S1 Ep7)
Frank, the Writer: Frank submits ideas for a column to Ray's editor after getting published in Reader's Digest. But Ray's editor thinks it's the worst writing he's ever read. (S1 Ep6)
Look, Don't Touch: Debra is suspicious when Angelina, a waitress at Nemo's, calls Ray at home. Although it's all perfectly innocent, Ray feels guilty. (S1 Ep5)