Extraordinary Extensions

November 2021

November 10, 2021

3.0 21 x
Tinie Tempah follows a pioneering transformation and reinvention of a 19th-century former timber yard in south London into a high-tech, modern, ultra-energy-efficient family home. (Ep4)

November 3, 2021

4.0 32 x
Tinie Tempah meets a couple who've added a modern, uncompromising 21st-century extension to their 17th-century Cotswolds cottage. He also checks out a unique up-and-over arch window. (Ep3)
October 2021

October 27, 2021

4.7 32 x
Tinie Tempah meets a couple who are building an enormous subterranean extension on their Grade II listed gate lodge, and visits an £11 million mega-basement in Knightsbridge. (Ep2)

October 20, 2021

3.0 52 x
Tinie Tempah meets homeowners building radical extensions. Amy and Simon form a million-pound glass structure. Alan and Lynda create multigenerational living under a ski slope roof. (Ep1)