Five Bedrooms

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Five Bedrooms

The sudden sale hits stumbling blocks, emotions run rampant and moving on proves painful.

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Series 4
Relationships are broken over losses, both personal and financial, so home truths must be faced.
Harry’s career is at risk, Ainsley hurts Simmo, and Heather leaves, all in a fraught few days.
Ben’s birthday bliss is cut short, as is a hook-up for Harry, with awkward outcomes.
Heather resents having to celebrate her graduation and then gets upstaged, while Liz and Stuart get counselling.
A bequest and a house guest trouble Ainsley, while Colin questions Heather’s commitment to Ed.
Liz turns do-gooder despite objections, especially from Manju, and Ben faces temptation.
Harry tries to outmanipulate his mother, Mel is after Ben’s body, and guilty Liz must face husband Stuart.
Series 3
A pre-wedding wobble and a couple of punches impact on the ceremony, but the housemates can still party.
Reluctant Harry straddles the hens' shindig and bucks' bash. Ben reels from a discovery, and Liz considers consequences.
Ben and Heather are 'helped' to create dating app profiles, while Liz admits to mixed emotions.
Simmo’s impulsive move could be a step too far for uncertain Ainsley, while Harry has a heart-to-heart with Geri.
Liz is wooed by a law firm whose former boss heartlessly fired her.
Heather's world is blown apart when she learns of Ben's betrayal.
Liz returns from the UK, and Harry realises his life is at a standstill.
With the entire house depending on him, Ben launches himself as a B&B accommodation provider.
Series 2
If Liz is to fulfil her revived career dream, the others must consider a replacement housemate, and Harry has to overcome his misgivings.
Harry’s insecurities make him lash out verbally while frantic refurbishment happens at the house ahead of Ainsley’s painful return.
Even devastating tragedy may not reunite the increasingly fractious housemates for long after they clash over status, education and choice of partners.
Heather’s outbursts of bad temper worsen, and she receives a workplace bullying complaint. Harry and Liz must each make decisions on the course of their love lives.