Flirty Dancing

December 2019

Series 2 Episode 5 Lily & Jake, Briony & Baz

4.7 31 x
A hesitant Lily and Jake share a tender dance in a picturesque moonlit park. In Portmeirion, Wales, Briony meets Baz, who needs to find the confidence to take the lead and throw caution to the wind.
November 2019

Series 2 Episode 4 Sarah & Faye, Eleni & Topsy

4.5 61 x
Sarah and Faye meet for a frisky dance on a beautiful Birmingham rooftop garden. After an unsuccessful two-year dating binge, Eleni meets Topsy in the dead of night. Do sparks fly?

Series 2 Episode 3 Nigel & Emma, Toby & Courtney

3.6 161 x
Kickboxer Nigel performs a sensual dance with PE teacher Emma. Unlucky-in-love Toby meets Courtney for an energetic dance with passion and intimacy. Is Toby the one for Courtney?

Series 2 Episode 2 Garry & Ryan, Emmerson & Ruby

4.7 426 x
Garry finds it hard to talk to men he fancies while Ryan has never had a boyfriend. Military man Emmerson wants to trust again. Will a dance with Ruby bring the confidence back?

Series 2 Episode 1 Kerry & Jordan, Nifé & Shaun

4.0 106 x
Country music fan Kerry seeks an eligible bloke in a small Lancashire town. Jordan seeks a partner in a... small Lancashire town. Nifé fancies a tall guy. Does Shaun fit?
February 2019

Episode 5 Daniel & Tatijana and Jay & Rayna

Expired 4.0 136 x
When it comes to dating, Daniel is lost for words, while 21-year-old Tatijana has never been in a relationship. The pair meet for a dance at an intimate London bar. And firefighter Jay meets Rayna.
January 2019

Episode 4 Frederick & Lauren and Trudi & Michael

Expired 4.5 142 x
Ashley and his brother Jordan come to the rescue of Frederick and Lauren. Will sparks fly? And Trudi seeks a man with a pulse.

Episode 3 Wing & Alice and Andy & Zoe

Expired 4.3 153 x
In Manchester, Wing, a self-confessed romantic, dances with Alice from Yorkshire. And Andy, who has been single for 'too long', meets Zoe, a self-confessed risk taker from London.

Episode 2 James & Jessica and Stephanie & Baz

Expired 4.3 145 x
Ashley Banjo pairs up classroom leader James with children's home manager Jessica, and occupational therapist Stephanie with well-travelled Baz. Will dance lead to romance?

Episode 1 Hannah & James and Luke & Dan

Expired 4.9 369 x
Hannah, who has been single for two years, dances with James, who has exhausted all the dating apps in his quest to find Mrs Right. And Dan and Luke meet for the first time on the dance floor.
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