Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age

August 2014

6. Ships and Engineering

Expired 3.0 14 x
Fred Dibnah examines the skill of the shipbuilders and machine engineers.
July 2014

5. Railways

3.0 16 x
Fred admires Stephenson's original Locomotive No 1 at Darlington Railway Museum.

4. Mining

3.0 16 x
Fred explores how tin, slate, lead and coal were all extracted from the ground.

3. Iron and Steel

3.0 12 x
Fred traces the development of the production of iron and steel and begins at Ironbridge.
May 2014

2. Mills and Factories

3.0 19 x
Fred traces the development of Britain's textile industry.
April 2014

1. Wind, Water and Steam

3.0 18 x
Fred Dibnah examines the early use of wind and water power.
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