Full Circle With Michael Palin

December 2020

10. Mexico, USA, Canada and Alaska...

4.0 11 x
Michael Palin travels from Mexico City to the Diomede Islands where his trek began. He meets illegal immigrants in Mexico, cruises San Francisco's gay scene and visits Alcatraz.
November 2020

9. Peru and Colombia

4.0 12 x
From a canoe in the Peruvian rainforest, Michael Palin visits Machiguenga Indian villages in one of remotest spots on planet. He then he sails down Amazon on a restored riverboat.

8. Bolivia and Peru

3.0 16 x
Michael Palin takes a reed boat on Lake Titicaca in the Andes before embarking on a 1,000-mile journey along the Urubamba river to the Amazon.

7. Chile and Bolivia

4.0 16 x
Michael Palin lands on Cape Horn, parties on Chile, visits Santiago, the Juan Fernandez Islands and La Paz, and crosses the Andes by a train that is derailed.

6. Australia and New Zealand

4.0 19 x
Michael Palin reaches Australia, where his activities include a cameo role in Home and Away. He also looks for sperm whales in New Zealand's icy waters.
October 2020

5. Borneo and Java

3.0 32 x
From the Philippines, Michael Palin crosses the Sulu sea in a leaky ferry. He travels on through the Borneo jungle to Java where he climbs a volcano.

4. Vietnam and the Philippines

4.0 16 x
Michael Palin visits Hanoi, takes a sampan on the Perfume River, witnesses psychic surgery, travels to the Cu Chi tunnels but fails to see the Banaue rice terraces.

3. China

4.0 23 x
Michael Palin enters China by boat from Korea. He visits the cities of Qingdao and Shanghai, and takes a local steamer down the Yangtze.

2. Japan and Korea

3.0 37 x
In this episode Michael Palin samples the oddity of Oriental life while passing through Japan and South Korea.

1. Alaska and Russia

4.0 12 x
Michael Palin travels around the Pacific rim. He starts in the Diomede Islands in the Bering Strait, goes to see the Kodiak bear in Alaska and visits the geysers of Kamchatka.