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Fur Babies

Lorraine and Kevin, who already share their bed with eight dogs, prepare for Cockapoo Nala's home birth. And will 11-year-old Bessie's pet Pekin Bantam chickens hatch any chicks? (Ep4)

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December 2023
Cockapoo Belle alarms everyone when her delivery takes an unexpected turn. Koko's new kitten needs specialist help. And will British shorthair cat Lola's first pregnancy go smoothly? (Ep3)
It's a tense time as Cavapoochon Bindi goes into labour with nine puppies. And Maine Coon cat Kara prepares to delight her housemates with the pitter patter of tiny paws. (Ep2)
Vets James and Bolu welcome little litters into the world. Will Labrador Bella have the girl puppy Holly craves? Kaylee thought guinea pig Splodge was a boy. But Splodge is pregnant! (Ep1)