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Gangnam Project

Hannah helps a distracted Chan-Mi prepare for an important interview with a potential showcase sponsor.

Series 1
When Ken suggests that Hannah tries living a day in the life of a trainee, she quickly struggles to find her footing.
Hannah faces challenges in her first official K-pop class when she is paired up with Chan-Mi to write a song.
An unexpected visitor arrives in Korea and challenges everything Hannah thought she knew about her family.
Unimpressed with the lyrics for Astra’s debut song, Hannah decides to write something more meaningful.
When a secret is revealed, Hannah must prove to her peers that she has the talent and drive to be an OME trainee.
Insecure about her inability to rap, Hannah does anything she can to show she can keep up with the other trainees.
After a shocking Showcase performance, Hannah proposes a new plan and enlists some extra help to pull it off.
Tensions rise between Hannah, Sun Hee, and Mina as they struggle to rehearse for showcase without a leader.
Hannah arrives in Korea and gets more than she bargained for when she is assigned to tutor Chan-Mi, one of OME’s top trainees.