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With summer in mind, Monty plants up a seating area filled with night-scented plants and divides an agapanthus. He also plants an ornamental quince against an East facing wall.

April 2024
Adam Frost takes stock of his borders and plans ahead for some year-round interest. Joe Swift travels to Birmingham to meet an allotmenteer who is passionate about growing all things Italian.
March 2024
To kick off the Easter weekend, Monty is refreshing the planting on the Mound. Frances Tophill goes to Helmsley Walled Garden in North Yorkshire to revel in the spring colour.
As the days are getting longer, Monty is busy preparing his dahlia tubers ready for planting, cutting back fuchsias and planting out shallots.
Monty and the team are back, full of the very best practical tips and advice for all gardeners of all levels.
February 2024
Monty plants out one of his favourite flowers for cutting – sweet peas. Frances Tophill looks at alternative ways to use cut flowers, plus a couple growing plants to attract moths and butterflies.
Monty and the team bring a welcome splash of colour to the depths of winter by looking back at some Gardeners’ World highlights.
Monty and the team celebrate the dawn of another gardening year by revisiting some recent Gardeners’ World highlights.
January 2024
Monty and the team bring a bit of colour to these dark winter days by looking back at some seasonal highlights of Gardeners’ World.
December 2023
Monty Don and the team are not only celebrating the joy of the gardening year but also Christmas! Monty has tips on how to clean garden tools, while Rachel de Thame marvels at some magical topiary.
Frances Tophill and the team celebrate the joy that the gardening year brings throughout the seasons.
Adam Frost visits Mary Berry at home to hear about another of her great passions in life, gardening. She shares her love of cut flowers as well as some tips on freezing herbs.
Monty has advice on how to pot up one of the stars of the festive season - amaryllis - and Carol Klein champions one of winter’s most spectacular shrubs, witch hazel.
November 2023
Monty continues with his revamp of the Cottage Garden by planting bare-root roses. Adam Frost visits a challenging garden built on an exposed slope in the Lake District.
With Halloween approaching, Monty takes stock of his pumpkins and squashes. Adam Frost and Advolly Richmond visit Hever Castle in Kent to learn more about its grand garden design.
October 2023
Frances Tophill is in her new garden, assessing the tomatoes in her upcycled greenhouse, while Rekha Mistry shares the successes and failures in her new vegetable garden.
Sue Kent harvests daikon radish and almonds from her garden, and Monty shares tips on what to do with apple windfalls.
Monty replants his bearded iris in the Dry Garden, Arit Anderson explores the arguments for and against artificial grass, and Toby Buckland discovers a Japanese-themed garden in the Welsh countryside.
A catch-up with three sisters in Dorset to discover how their fallen-down greenhouse turned into an opportunity to transform part of their garden.
In a special programme coming from York Gate in Leeds, Adam Frost, Rachel de Thame and Frances Tophill celebrate a garden for all seasons and tackle some seasonal jobs for September.