George Clarke's Adventures In Americana

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George Clarke's Adventures In Americana

...Adventure: In New Jersey and Connecticut, George checks out the neon signs and doo wop diners at Wildwood, and a broken-down zoo that's been returned to life as a quirky hotel. (Ep4/4)

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February 2024
...Adventure: In Florida, George visits the Kennedy Space Center, and discovers how storms have created the opportunity to build over 800 Art Deco buildings in Miami. (Ep3/4)
...Adventure: In California, George visits a filmmaker's retreat turned into a hotel and a town that was once a cowboy film set, and walks in the footsteps of the Rat Pack. (Ep2/4)
...Adventure: George Clarke explores the iconic Americana movement on a path less travelled through the USA starting in two wildly contrasting neighbour states: Louisiana and Texas. (Ep1/4)