George Clarke's Old House, New Home

Series 5

Series 5, Episode 11

5 x
...Home: George helps people to make their period homes fit for modern life. In Manchester, an Edwardian home's dragged kicking and screaming into the modern day. (S9 Ep1/4)
Series 4

Series 4, Episode 2

1 x
George visits a handsome, turn-of-the-century terrace home, whose new owners are set on a monochrome colour scheme, and a workshop that makes antique-effect mirrors. (S4 Ep2)

Series 4, Episode 1

1 x
George squeezes into an Edwardian workers cottage that's only half the size of a squash court, and visits a house with overwhelmingly Italian decor. (S4 Ep1)
Series 3

Series 3, Episode 3

5 x
In the West Midlands, George has a radical solution for a tricky Arts and Crafts conversion, and comes to the rescue of a former 18th-century pub swamped by dodgy DIY. (S3 Ep3)

Series 3, Episode 2

4 x
George visits a Victorian terrace in Plumstead that's been stripped of original features. Can he create a new layout without breaking the bank? Plus, a 1900s villa near Liverpool. (S3 Ep2)

Series 3, Episode 1

1 x
George Clarke helps homeowners transform period properties for 21st-century living, including an Edwardian home suffering from an extreme case of 1970s wall-to-wall panelling. (S3 Ep1)
Series 2

Series 2, Episode 4

1 x
George visits a 300-year-old house in Broadstairs with too many loos. And in Woolwich in south London, a bijou 1930s bungalow with a tiny lounge requires clever design solutions. (S2 Ep4/4)
Series 6

Series 6, Episode 4

20 x
George returns to a grand Victorian villa in Ormskirk to tackle the giant kitchen and utility area, and visits a Victorian flat in London that has seen better days. (S6 Ep4/5)

Series 6, Episode 3

11 x
George meets a family of five with a Victorian coach house that's more 1960s than 1860s, and helps a young couple in Hove get to grips with a 16th-century gatehouse. (S6 Ep3/5)

Series 6, Episode 2

13 x
George helps with the restoration of an Edwardian Arts and Crafts terraced house in south London, and visits the wallpaper library of his all-time design hero - William Morris. (S6 Ep2/5)
Series 9

Series 9, Episode 4

28 x
...Home: Can novice renovators completely transform a dilapidated Georgian-style house that's divided into flats, for just £40k? (S9 Ep4/4)
Series 6

Series 6, Episode 1

54 x
George takes on a 16th-century, Grade II listed Cotswolds cottage with some nasty surprises. And a Kent oast house needs a super-cool bedroom for an eight-year-old. (S6 Ep1/5)
Series 9

Series 9, Episode 3

51 x
...Home: In Kent, Pete and Amelie tackle a mammoth Victorian house. In Warwickshire, George helps Michele finish the remodelling of her adjoining Grade ll listed cottages. (S9 Ep3/4)
Series 5

Series 5, Episode 1

14 x
George helps people make period homes fit for modern life. In West Yorkshire, Pip is moving back into the home that she grew up in and is finding it emotional. (S5 Ep1)
Series 9

Series 9, Episode 2

52 x
...Home: George tackles a cottage conundrum, where the only bathroom is through the only bedroom. And will a couple's plans to turn their loft into a cinema be a horror show? (S9 Ep2/4)
Series 5

Series 5, Episode 2

18 x
In Yorkshire, George takes on a project that is part period house, part dog's dinner. In Buckinghamshire, the thought of a corner cocktail bar proves a real tonic. (S5 Ep2)

Series 5, Episode 3

20 x
George tackles two Georgian properties: a Yorkshire town house with high ceilings and a heavy chandelier, and a farmhouse in the Peak District that's a decorative disaster. (S5 Ep3)
Series 4

Series 4, Episode 6

11 x
George Clarke helps Joanna and Simon to transform their monster Victorian semi in Margate, and visits a beautiful Grade II listed Georgian manor conversion in Worthing. (S4 Ep6)

Series 4, Episode 5

24 x
On Merseyside, George has radical ideas to redesign an Edwardian home. In Surrey, he tackles a Victorian country house that has accrued some bizarre additions over the years. (S4 Ep5)

Series 4, Episode 4

24 x
Up a long garden path in Leeds lies a Victorian villa that's been a labour of love for Jawad and Charlie. And in Brixton, George hopes for a clean sweep with a redundant chimney. (S4 Ep4)