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Get Well Soon

Children's series about healthcare. Riz has fallen down before and is scared of falling again. Dr Ranj does a test called an EEG to check the electricity in Riz's brain.

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Series 2
Children's series about healthcare. Kiwa is embarrassed to visit Dr Ranj because it hurts when she wees. Dr Ranj does an ultrasound scan to check her bladder and kidneys.
Children's series about healthcare. Deep has some mysterious itchy red bumps all over his body. Dr Ranj thinks he might have an allergy.
Children's series about healthcare. Dr Ranj puts a tiny tube called a cannula in the back of Petal's hand so she can receive her medicine through a tube.
Children's series about healthcare. Jobi visits Dr Ranj with a cut on his head. He thinks he will need stitches but Dr Ranj has a special kind of glue he can use instead.
Series 1
Children's series. Riz visits Dr Ranj for a chest x-ray to check his lungs. He is learning to play the recorder, so it is important for him to have plenty of puff!
Children's series. Dr Ranj fits Kiwa with a nasogastric tube so she can get the special medicine and food she needs. It feels funny at first, but Kiwa gets used to it!
Children's series about healthcare. Dr Ranj gives Deep an echocardiogram, a type of scan which lets him check that Deep's heart is working as it should be.
Children's series. Dr Ranj replaces Petal's old plaster cast with a new, fibreglass one. She gets to pick the colour and chooses her favourite - purple!
Children's series. Dr Ranj gives Jobi a CT scan which allows him to take pictures of Jobi's brain. Jobi must stay very still inside the scanning machine!