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When they discover a man living in a tent on their grounds, Alison and Mike - with the ghosts’ help - learn that they have more to offer this Christmas than they realised.

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December 2023
Mike’s mum visits, but her attempts to lend a hand drive Alison and Mike mad. To make matters worse, Betty soon senses something is awry with Button House, but does she know what?
A festive trip down memory lane prompts Pat to question his very identity. The ghosts come up with a surprise Christmas present for Alison, whose family lunch does not go to plan.
November 2023
Mike and Alison receive an incredible offer far beyond their expectations. They must make a decision, the result of which will change their lives forever.
Robin has a revelation that unnerves the ghosts and prompts them to consider their legacies. Alison and Mike decide to have a spontaneous wild night out.
October 2023
Having lost their appetite for Food Club, the ghosts trial some new entertainment inspired by Pat. Disaster strikes as Mike and Alison host an important guest at Button House.
Alison and Mike invite Barclay to discuss the land sale but are quickly forced to play hardball. Meanwhile, the ghosts become fixated on solving the mystery of Kitty’s death.
Mike is feeling intense anxiety about the future. The couple look into selling some land, incensing Lady Button. Can Thomas finally become a published poet?
With the B&B gone, Mike anxiously strives to fix their finances, but it’s April Fools' Day, and a distracted Alison is out for revenge. The couple receive some life-changing news.
September 2022
Mary tells Julian how she finally found her voice, while Thomas decides he must finally kick his Alison addiction. Old friends of Mike share the surprising secret to their success.
Mike and Alison welcome their first guests to the B&B, determined to get a five-star review. The Plaguers idolise Thomas, and Pat teaches Mary the joys and pitfalls of package holidays.