Grand Designs

November 2017

York 2013

3.0 0 x
Kevin meets Martin and Kae Walker, who want to build the ultimate family home, inspired by a giant farm shed

South Downs 2015

3.0 5 x
Kevin meets Stephen Yeoman and Anita Findlay, who plan to build a cutting edge, post-industrial house covered in bright orange rusty metal. What will the neighbours think?

Series 3 Episode 2 Water

4.0 10 x
This time, five designs with a watery connection, including a glamorous white, curvy, cliff-top home, a cork-clad house on stilts, and a unique home in London, with porthole windows and a gangplank

Monmouthshire, 2013

3.0 1 x
Tamayo and Nigel Hussey want to build a Japanese house complete with roof bath, tatami room and sliding paper walls, in the heart of rural Wales

South London, 2013

3.0 5 x
A young couple decide to turn an average 1950s house in south London into an architectural masterpiece. But will it get past the local planning department?

Malvern 2017

3.0 2 x
Ex-RAF pilot Jon take on the project management of building an upside-down home clinging to the side of a hill in Worcestershire. It proves an emotional rollercoaster ride.

County Antrim 2015

3.0 3 x
Michele and Michael want to transform a derelict 100-year-old blacksmiths in County Antrim, on a tiny budget and by hand. But the odds and the weather are stacked against them.

Pembrokeshire 2016

4.0 7 x
Simon and Jasmine Dale want to build a three bed home on a hill with only £500 in the bank. And be self-sufficient in five years. Can it be done?

South East London 2014

3.0 0 x
Tracy Fox and husband Steve want to build an 'urban shed' out of industrial materials in an old milk yard in south east London. But the choice of unorthodox materials proves challenging and costly.

Series 3 Episode 1 Local Materials

4.0 10 x
The Local Materials category include an upscale shepherd's hut, a sleek Modernist house in Bath, and a London townhouse