Grand Tours Of Scotland's Lochs

October 2021

Series 4 Compilations: 3. Beneath the Surface and the Forgotten Lands...

4.0 10 x
From one of the wildest sea lochs, Paul heads to Loch Ness on the trail of the Jacobites. Returning to Morvern in the west, he dabbles in art before heading to fabled Lochaber.

Series 4 Compilations: 2. Across the Moors and The Land of Giants...

4.0 12 x
From a forgotten WWI German prison camp, Paul crosses the moors to a kingly feast on an island before heading to Loch Tay in Perthshire.

Series 4 Compilations: 1. Where Myths Are Made and A Fyne Tour...

4.0 10 x
Paul visits the lochs and mountains of Skye, then heads to Loch Fyne, where he paddles a coracle and discovers the wreck of a World War II superfortress.
May 2021

Series 3 Compilations: 1. Lost in a Landscape and The Wild Way of the North...

3.0 7 x
Paul travels hopefully from the shores of Loch Hope to the glorious and lonely expanse of Sandwood Bay on the far north west of Scotland.
April 2021

Series 3 Compilations: 3. The People’s Lochs and A Double Life...

3.0 10 x
Paul sails along a much-loved route through the Kyles of Bute to Dunoon, before heading to the Borders and exploring the forgotten lochs of Fife.

Series 3 Compilations: 2. A Less Travelled Road and A Mystical Journey...

4.0 1 x
Paul follows in the footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie, exploring the lochs of Moidart before travelling round the Firths of Easter Ross.

Series 3: 6. Lost in a Landscape...

3.0 21 x
Travelling from Loch Hope, Paul encounters U-boats in Loch Eriboll, John Lennon in a car crash, the devil in a cave, and a secret beach near Cape Wrath.

Series 3: 5. A Double Life

3.0 40 x
Paul Murton journeys through the Borders, discovers the lost lochs of Edinburgh and then travels to Fife and Loch Leven in search of Mary, Queen of Scots.
March 2020

Series 3: 4. The People's Lochs...

3.0 15 x
Paul sets sail through the Kyles of Bute to the Holy Loch and on to Ardentinny, his childhood home overlooking Loch Long. Journey’s end is on the summit of the Cobbler.

Series 3: 3. A Less Travelled Road...

4.5 21 x
From Loch Moidart, Paul encounters Bonnie Prince Charlie, Jacobite history and the legacy of war on his way to Loch Ailort.