Grayson Perry: Rites Of Passage

September 2018

Episode 4 Coming of Age

Expired 3.0 100 x
Grayson explores the meaning of 'coming of age'. He visits the Tikuna people of the Amazon, a teenage girl group in south London and troubled 'kidults' in Halifax.

Episode 3 Birth

Expired 4.0 78 x
Grayson helps to create modern rituals to celebrate birth, and the love, dedication and generosity of neo-natal nurses and surrogate mothers
August 2018

Episode 2 Marriage

Expired 3.0 42 x
Grayson helps Ben and Sarika to tailor a secular wedding ceremony with the magic of a religious one. And he helps to devise a moving divorce ceremony for Dilly, Mark and their family.

Episode 1 Death

Expired 3.5 164 x
Grayson meets Roch, who has motor neurone disease, and Alison and Kevin, whose son Jordan was killed by a drink-driver, and helps them to devise personalised rituals that fit their situations