Great British Home Restoration

September 2021

September 13, 2021

4.0 11 x
Brand new series: In Brisbane, Australia, an ambitious three-year project uproots an old Salvation Army hall to a new site, where it's turned into a spectacular 21st-century home. (Ep8)

September 6, 2021

3.0 21 x
Brand new series: A retired doctor takes on a massive task renovating a listed 200-year-old timber barn. He soon finds out that doing things by yourself isn't always the best option. (Ep7)
August 2021

August 29, 2021

4.4 102 x
Brand new series: Retired couple Gerald and Susan bravely bid to make a modern home out of a 200-year-old derelict watermill perched on the banks of the raging River Severn. (Ep6)

August 22, 2021

4.0 23 x
Brand new series: After two years searching, Jerry and Kimberley are turning a derelict West Yorkshire church into a state-of-the-art 'intelligent' home. It's an audacious plan. (Ep5)

August 15, 2021

4.0 20 x
Brand new series: George and Sarah have plans to transform a dilapidated Staffordshire cattle barn into a luxury home - on a tight budget, with no previous experience and in a hurry. (Ep4)

August 8, 2021

4.5 57 x
Brand new series: Alice and Shammy plan to get onto the property ladder by converting an old chapel in rural Devon on a shoestring, pushing their skills and creativity to the limit. (Ep3)

August 1, 2021

3.0 45 x
Brand new series: 79-year-old Hazel quits her Kent farmhouse as she moves for the first time in over 50 years, hoping to turn a disused oast house into her dream forever home. (Ep2)
July 2021

July 25, 2021

4.0 36 x
Brand new series: Families take on unusual historic buildings, transforming them into their dream home. Sean and Debs tackle a 180-year-old Grade II listed church in Yorkshire. (Ep1)