Great British Menu

May 2019

Series 14: 29. The Finals: Banquet

4.0 23 x
This year’s Great British Menu comes to a climax with a star-studded banquet celebrating Britain’s success in pop music at Abbey Road Studios.

Series 14: 28. The Finals: Dessert

4.0 7 x
Each chef needs to cook a dessert to impress guest judge Peter Hook – Joy Division and New Order bassist. With one place left on the banquet menu, the chefs pull out all the stops.

Series 14: 27. The Finals: Main Course

3.0 18 x
The regional champions compete to get their main courses onto the menu of the banquet at Abbey Road Studios. They are cooking for guest judge, former Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley.

Series 14: 26. The Finals: Fish Course

4.0 21 x
Some of the finest chefs in the UK compete to cook a fish course worthy of serving at a banquet. The rivals need to impress guest judge Kanya King, the founder of the MOBO awards.

Series 14: 25. The Finals: Starter

3.0 8 x
In the first challenge of finals week, the eight chefs battle to get their starter course to the banquet and cook up dishes dedicated to everything from Tom Jones to grime.

Series 14: 24. Northern Ireland Judging

3.0 12 x
The two remaining chefs from Northern Ireland recreate their four-course menu for the esteemed judges - Matthew Fort, Oliver Peyton, Andi Oliver and guest judge Loyle Carner.

Series 14: 23. Northern Ireland Main & Dessert

3.0 15 x
Alex’s dish commemorates his late brother and the song by Northern Ireland artist Donna Taggart that he associates with the difficult time of his death.

Series 14: 22. Northern Ireland Starter & Fish

3.0 8 x
This week it is the heat for the Northern Ireland region. Chris’s dish is his refined take on the post-gig junk food he ate after nights out at Brixton Academy.

Series 14: 21. Wales: Judging

4.0 22 x
The two remaining chefs cook their four-course menus for the judges - Matthew Fort, Oliver Peyton, Andi Oliver and guest judge JB Gill.

Series 14: 20. Wales: Main & Dessert

4.0 11 x
Cindy’s beef main course, called Spice Up Your Life, involves a risky combination of wasabi and horseradish that she is hoping will set her apart from the other two chefs.
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