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Griff's Canadian Adventure

From snow-capped mountains to surf towns, Griff Rhys Jones concludes his adventure in the popular province of British Columbia and discovers what makes people so happy there. (Ep6/6)

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October 2023
Griff Rhys Jones explores the prairies and vast plains of Saskatchewan and Alberta, where he discovers a diversity of riches, from dinosaur fossils to acres of cultivated farmland. (Ep5/6)
From Winnipeg to Churchill, Griff Rhys Jones explores the Frozen Wilds of Canada's north, in Manitoba. He goes dog sledding and visits a town with more polar bears than people. (Ep4/6)
From film sets in Toronto to Niagara Falls to forested national parks, Griff Rhys Jones uncovers how Canadians differ from their southern neighbours, and what makes them so nice. (Ep3/6)
From bagels and poutine to beavers and ice hockey, Griff Rhys Jones explores Quebec to discover how French Canada really is, and reveals how its history has shaped the country. (Ep2/6)
Comedian Griff Rhys Jones explores the world's second-biggest country. In Newfoundland and Labrador he discovers sea shanties, cod tongue, jellybean houses and noonday canons. (Ep1/6)