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Grime Kids

After the events of the house party, the boys worry about Bishop and try their best to get him out of trouble with Donnie. They also make a big move to finally get radio play.

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Series 1
A house party becomes the Gladiator Crew’s chance at redemption, but opens a brand new can of worms for them all - especially Bishop...
The boys support Junior when he is forced to remember a painful loss, and the Gladiator Crew do their first live performance. Bayo’s sister has her own plans for stardom.
Newly formed, the Gladiator Crew set about getting records and equipment to lay down their first track. Tensions boil over for Dane and Kai, as past history meets new conflict.
Dane, Junior, Bishop, and Bayo look forward to the summer ahead. They bump into Kai, who suggests they sneak into Knights of the Realm - the biggest club night of the summer.