Hancock's Half Hour

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Hancock's Half Hour

Hancock decides to take a holiday and after an eventful flight has to share his hotel room with a yodeller and Alpine Horn player.

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Hancock and Sid are members of a jury and Hancock alone thinks the suspect is innocent. Sid changes his mind at the thought of cash, and the jury ends up in the dock.
Hancock decides to donate some blood but is aghast to find out how much he has to give. When he discovers he has a rare blood type he resolves to find out where it will end up.
Hancock has a part on a long-running radio show but his behaviour is causing alarm and his character is killed off. Listeners demand his return and the producer has an idea.
Hancock decides to hold a reunion for all his old wartime pals - but times change and so do people, much to Hancock’s annoyance.
Episodes 2023
Hancock and Sid decide to go on a relaxing cruise in search of romance. Hancock becomes convinced the ship is sinking, and the captain has to take drastic measures.
Hancock buys a house from estate agent Sid, who has failed to point out there’s an airfield at the bottom of the garden.
Hancock is a lawyer and defends Sid, who is accused of theft from a jewellery shop - and a further 57 charges to boot.
Hancock decides to invest in a new camera - which Sid sees as the perfect opportunity to make some money.
Hancock is suffering with a cold, and none of his remedies seem to work. In desperation, he listens to Sid, who recommends a keep fit course to keep him healthy.